Journey for hope


1. Chapter 1

Last winter.  The winter I lost everything, almost nothing left, there was barely room for hope or even dreams during that time and I almost could not bear to live I almost thought of not even leaving the foster home or speaking to anyone. But I could not bear to do that only because then I would have ruined my teacher's life like mine was ruined because she loved me like a daughter and so did the student teacher and she is my best friend.  I think of my teacher like mother even before my life was ruined.  Heres how it happened, first my mother left without warning. Thats when I began to crumble, but that was not the end of the trouble.  Then I find out she died and was not coming back then my father leaves and I did not know what happened to him and I still don’t.

The only thing I know for sure about my parents is they loved me. But that’s not all that happened then i’m put in a foster home and told it’s my fault.  Let me tell you how it all began and will not stop.  One day the day before my mom disappeared it was my birthday and unlike other kids I was not having a birthday or party or presents because i had no friends and  i just don’t want my parents to get me presents.  The reason i had NO friends that were my age at least was because no one noticed me or talked to me except to get help in homework or anything school related not to socialize or anything like that. The only people who noticed me was my parents and my teachers especially when I disappeared to eat lunch alone in the bathroom or hide away to cry.  Eventually i began to have lunch with my teachers and stopping hiding away to cry even if i was called a freak or a teacher's pet for being good, getting good grades, and loving school.

When my birthday came on December 23 the teachers had a celebration at lunch just like we did for all the teachers, I turned 12.  That was it for my birthday celebrations.  The next day i woke up to the police,sirens blaring on there cars,at the door saying my mother had been kidnapped and they needed to find her.  I immediately got dressed and ran to school into Mrs.Schultz Meyers apparently awaiting arms and cried. I just barely heard her say she heard about it. This same thing happened when my mom was found dead hit by a car while running from her kidnappers,  Same thing my dad was kidnaped by the same people.  I still don’t know what happened after but the police say they can’t find him and it’s because they're after me but this was after I was put in foster care. Now i am under protection,by people the police call “my protectors” due to  the whole kidnappers after me thing.

Turns out my protectors are just a very big group of bodyguards surrounding a big building called a safe house with a bunch of other people under protection but no one knew.  It also turns out this includes me, no one knows except the protectors and the people working on the case.  But sometimes when we have visitors they are told they can see us but are not told I am under protection and they can only visit on a visiting day and one at a time.  Lucky for me it’s just my teachers no family to bring the pain only my trustworthy teachers that believe me and call every day to talk to me.  Except one day when a stranger visited me and told me it was my fault they said, Carla this is your fault he looked me up and down and left.  That was it nothing else no explanation on who they were nothing.

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