My sad love life...

This is some stuff i need to get off my chest. The is more a secret message to my ex then anything else, but i just feel like i need to say something. This might seem obsessive to some people, but i dont care. If you have any advice on getting over your first love, please feel free to comment.


2. The Feelings.

 Hello again my love.
I feel like a fool yet again, but I must get some of these thoughts out.
I long for your company, and I miss so much about you.

These feelings and these thoughts i am having! Its all a lie!
There will never happen anything between us again.
You have made sure of that.
Or rather, the distance made sure of that.
I just wish i could change something about it.
Or at least just ask you.
Ask you about your feelings.
I know you said we cant be together.
But thats not the same as saying you dont want us being together.
And i know that you probably dont miss me.
Its probably just the company of a female human being you miss.
But i want to be that human being.
Cause i have seen you in you worst.
And i can handle that.
When i know what awaits me when you´re your best.

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