Between Seasons

(MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SEASON 1) We've all seen the scene of Clementine walking outside Savannah, and finally reuniting with the only two people she has left. But what happened after Season 1, and before Season 2?


1. Lost and Found

Clem, I can’t move. This is it for me here.

She shook his words from her head, or attempted to. They turned into tears and slid down her face. No use wiping them away when more would come.

You have to shoot me, honey.

She sobbed again, clenching the pistol in her hands. ‘It isn’t fair…’ If only she could abandon the gun for what it did to Lee… no, that was stupid. She hated the stupid, tear-stained thing, but she knew she needed it. To live for him. She knew he wanted that.

Sweet pea- *bang*

It was impossible to think of the happier days without hearing that shot ring in her ears, without seeing him take his final, shuddering breath and lose all life.

So she tried to walk off the pain and distress. Endlessly moping through grass: it felt like she had been doing it for years. If she was honest, she wouldn’t care about finding Omid and Christa if Lee hadn’t told her to-

Outside of Savannah, by the train, do you remember?

Of course she did. And she trudged on.

Finally, her short legs ached too much to carry her. Clementine gathered up her muddy skirts and sat on a fallen tree.


Tiny whimpers racked her body. ‘How will I live with no group… nothing? I’m trying Lee, can you see me?’ She told herself he was proud of her- it made her feel the slightest bit better.

She checked the ammo in the clip, a mere distraction. One, two, thr-

Something alerted her. A quiet rustle, almost silence, yet not. Heavy-headed, she only raised her eyes to glance in the direction of the sound. Then she looked up with all the energy she could muster. Two figures, one tall, one quite short. Striding over the hill purposefully. Like they had some important reason to be going that way.

Clementine stood as they turned towards her. She opened her mouth, trying to force words out, and yelled-

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