Two twins who do everything together get in a terrible accident. what happens when one finds out she's permanently blind. will her sister stick by her?


5. Chapter 5 Awake -Maya's pov


        I awoke again, this time tossing and turning. I turned over panting hard, the sweat running down my face. Snippets of my dream still running through my mind. but they didn't fit together, it just confused me more. I could feel people around me, they were whispering as though not to wake me. I strained my ears to hear what they were saying. "I told you, when I last came in she was awake, her eyes were open and she reacted like she heard me but she was staring right through me as if she couldn't really tell where I was, like she was relying on her hearing."it was the same man as before, i turned to look at him but still found myself in darkness. Why couldn't i see him?, I knew he was standing there I could hear his voice."she's doing it again!" doing what I wondered."hmm" it was another voice this time."We should check her sight as soon as she's a bit better, but for now she needs rest." They turned and the first guy seemed to realise I was panting. " Doc! come back! I think she's having a panic attack!" he yelled to the other guy. I heard the constant beeping speed up, matching the pace of my thumping heart. I heard people rushing into my room and then I felt something sharp go in my arm. Then everything faded.

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