Two twins who do everything together get in a terrible accident. what happens when one finds out she's permanently blind. will her sister stick by her?


2. Chapter 2 The crash- Mia's pov

             I stood there watching as my sister stood scared, and about to die. "Maya move, run, go !" I cried. I watched as my sister slowly turned around. "Maya you can do it, you can move! "I yelled encouraging her to get out of the way. Suddenly she stopped, facing the car. During the last second she looked at me. It was as if she was trying to tell me something. Then it happened, the car hit, filling my head with a screeching sound making my teeth rattle in my mouth. I whipped out my phone calling for an ambulance. I faintly heard another lady's voice on the phone but I was starting to feel dizzy. "Car, sister, crash, help." I choked out, sobbing hard. I could feel the world around me spinning and the ladies voice asking me questions, "he-help-p..." I stuttered. I looked back at my sister, the car was on it's side, the windows shattered. I couldn't see the driver but I had seen him fly through the windshield toppling off the front of the car. I saw a shape in the middle of the road twisted like no body should ever be, It was my sister, my poor poor Maya. I couldn't look look anymore. There was blood, so much blood, too much blood. My vision started going fuzzy. Then I blacked out.

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