Two twins who do everything together get in a terrible accident. what happens when one finds out she's permanently blind. will her sister stick by her?


11. Chapter 11 Worry- Maya's pov

          I couldn't open my eyes or move at all, what was going on? I could hear people shuffling around my bed and saying something about comas. People kept bumping my bed which was very uncomfortable but hard as I tried I couldn't move. Then I heard that same lady's familiar voice, the one with the high heels. She rushed over to me and I felt a weight spread over me. ''Honey, it's me, your mother. Can you hear me? Oh please wake up!'' She cried. Oh so this was what 'Mom' was. This was the person that other girl, Mia I think her name was, was talking about. The lady's arms were still wrapped around me, making it hard to breathe but I could hear the other people trying to get her off. Finally the weight lifted and I took a deep breathe. Then the other girl rushed in, I could tell it was her by the way she was running. ''Maya! Maya! Where is my sister?'' She was yelling at someone out in the hall. I turned my attention back to the other people. ''Will she make it?'' The mom asked. ''Well... Mrs. Green, we have done everything we can so far and she does not seem to be improving, but it's only the first day. I can't tell you the specifics until we know a bit more. From what I know she is only suspected to be in a coma for a bit over a week if she manages to stay alive. Come back tomorrow to learn more.'' For some reason I could tell they were talking about me. I was only supposed to be like this for a week! Yay! But the other lady had said something about me managing to stay alive, what does that mean? Am I going to die?

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