A Battle Girl


2. Chapter Two

I woke up finding Harrison still asleep I got out of bed finding that my knees were weak, falling to the ground I couldn't breath, my muscle tighten, squeezing my bones together “Skyrian!” Harrison shouted. He helped me onto the bed where I regain my control “Are you okay?” He looked at me with concern, I nodded yes “I'm going to get dress” I whispered with my head down “Okay I'm going into town I'll see you later okay” he got up and grabbed his jacket “Stay safe” he kissed my forehead and jumped out my window.

I closed the window behind him and went into my closet. After a few minutes I found black skinny jeans a navy blue white beater and a grey leather jacket I kept my hair simple, straight and all on one side with hair clips. “You look nice” Kendall, my older sister said as she leaned against the doorframe “Thanks” I slipped my black boots on I was about to head downstairs when Kendall stopped me “Can I talked to you?” She said with concern in her eyes “You barely ever talked to me what could you possibly want to talk about” I said sitting on the bed “I'm pregnant” she looked down at her stomach “5 weeks” she said looking back up at me “Does anyone know?” She shook her head no “I don't know how to tell Dash or mom or dad or Chase” she said trying to hold back her tears “Just tell them as long as the kid’s last name is Battle everyone will be happy” I got up “You'll be fine, I have to go good luck” I gave her a hug and left my room.

I tried to walk downstairs as easily as possible which wasn't easy at all I can't see straight, everything is spinning around me, noises are louder than they should be. Tonight is gonna suck “Hey it's a big day for you isn't it Sky” my mom, Virginia said “Yeah you’ll be the last Battle of this generation to transform” Chase said, he acts just like me dad, when my dad passes or becomes to old or ill Chase will become the new Battle alpha “You're gonna spend it here with us in our den we’ll all change together tonight as a family” my father, James, he's our pack alpha anything he says goes, but this time I'll have to disobey him “I was actually going to spend it with Harrison at the lake” It got quiet “Skyrian that's not part of our family tradition, now I'm sorry but Harrison isn't allowed to join us” my dad said, just then Kendall had walked in Why couldn't you have shown up a few seconds ago to tell them your news “Well then I'll be the first Battle to break a tradition isn't that something future Battles will remember?” I said getting aggravated very quickly, my breathing got louder, ringing became louder and louder in my ears One more word out of anyone and I'll snap “No child of mine will break a Battle tradition Skyrian” he threw a glass cup at the wall sending pieces flying, a few scraped my face. That's it “You never even wanted to have another child after Kendall! I was a mistake!!! You never wanted me so why should I follow your stupid traditions like I've been doing for the past 17 years!! Why can't Harrison be included in anything we do as a family when you found him in the woods and actually took him in and tamed him when he originates from a wild wolf pack?!! I'm not spending tonight with any of you people I'm spending it with Harrison and I'll stay with him for as long as I wanted. Until I choose to be a Battle again” I growled. I can growl “Get out!!” He yelled “Skyrian please calm down” my mom said placing her hands on my shoulders “Don't touch me!!” I scratched her cheek with my….. Claws. When did that happen. I retracted them, everyone looked at me with shock and fear in their eyes.

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