A Battle Girl



1. Chapter One

I slipped on a silky army green knee length gown after I got out the shower. Tomorrow is the day, the day I change. I put my hair in high ponytail leaving two short strands of hair out on each side of my face. How will tomorrow night go? Will I hurt someone? Will I hurt myself? I laid in my bed on my side drifting off into a deep sleep.

The burning adrenaline rushes through my veins, I feel like I'm breathing in fire. I can feel my bones molding into the bones of a canine, looking in the mirror I see my eyes changing colors from their original dark chocolate brown to a bright sterling silver. Brown. Silver. Brown. Silver over and over again. Grinding my teeth together my body forces me to go on my hands and knees as my spine protrudes and takes a different shape. I gather the strength to lift my head up, when I do everything is in heat colours. I look in the mirror and see the true Battle that I've became.

“Skyrian?” I woke up gasping for air as I saw Harrison turn on my lamp sitting next to me with concern in his eyes “Are you okay?” He asked. I sat up laying my head on his shoulder as he laid his head on mine “Yeah, yeah I'm fine. I just had a bad dream that's all” I said slowing down my breathing. “What are you doing here?” I asked hoping he wouldn't ask what my dream was about “I was leaving, I was going back to my cabin but I wanted to say goodnight to you and I saw you looking like you couldn't breath. Did your claws come in earlier today?” He asked “No why?” His eyes shifted to my wrists then quickly back to me, I looked down at my wrist seeing deep dark red slices on both of my wrist “You were scratching yourself with your claws I thought maybe they came in early” I folded my arms together.

“It's okay to be scared Sky” he said walking to my bathroom “Easy for you to say, your part of the Silverbacks you guys live for your Transformation Day” I said sitting on the edge of my bed. Harrison came back with a damp wash cloth, sitting next to me he catered to my cuts. “Ouch” I said under my breath as I jolted my arm back “You know, after you transform you’ll heal almost instantly” he said as he pulled my arm back towards him “What if I don't survive the transformation?” Harrison went to go put away the cloth “You're a Battle, of course you’ll survive” he said sitting next to me “I'll be there with you” he put the strands of hair behind my ears, he moved closer to me as I did the same “You promise?” I said touching my forehead with his “I promise” his lips touched mine as he cupped my face with his hand. I pulled away, both of us, breathless “Can you stay with me?” I asked “Of course” he laid down as I laid on his chest, he pulled the cover up to our waist as I placed one hand on his shoulder and the other kept tucked under my side “I love you Skyrian” he whispered “I love you too Harrison” I said as I reached over to turn off the lamp.

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