Famous (Ryan Carter and TJ&Tyler Donahue Fanfiction)

Sirena is in New Jersey and she really wants to meet Ryan and TJ And Tyler from Broke Losers. She never met a celebrity before besides After Romeo. She just wants to meet people that mean a lot to her.
She than found out that they were in New Jersey and going around Garfield looking for Pokémon lol. She just wants to meet them already.

What will happen??
Will Sirena meet them or not?


5. Cookie Time🍪🍪

Well it was around 1:30pm so we decided to start doing the cookies. Me and Tyler were getting ready and Ashley started to take pictures of us as we got everything prepared. Tyler then got the flour and started to throw it at me. So I went to grab some and I threw it at him and then I ducked before he could throw more at me. Then we kissed while the flour was falling down like snow and the picture Ashley took was amazing. It looked like we were outside and we were in the snow kissing.

The cookies were ready to be prepared to roll out and bake. Me and Tyler started to roll the balls out and then we started to put them on a sheet to put in the oven. I then stopped and took some powder sugar and we put some on top of the cookies very little though. Then we started to bake them and we then put them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. They were done half way so we pulled them out. Tyler did burn himself so I started to help his burn. But me and Tyler were doing that and Ashley was snapping pictures of us. The as Tyler looked at me she took a picture and then he kissed me as he looked down at me and through everything on the floor and passionately kissed me and Ashley took pictures.

I was so in love in that moment. I will never forget it. But then we started to take the powers sugar again and we put it on top of the warm cookies and then fed them to each other like we would if we were getting married. I love Tyler if I marry him I would never leave him. He's amazingly awesome and I would not leave him for the world even if he do break up over a realistic thing. I will still love him. But that will not be happening anything soon. Well Ashley took over 300 pictures while we were making cookies. I am so in love with most of them. They just came out so good.

Now it was time for me and Ashley to get our pictures taken and we started to make some lunch we had planned. Tylet was in charge or pictures. He already took 30 of me and Ashley lol just laughing and smiling. I mean I got my braces off yesterday so of course I was smiling. Then me and Ashley started to make the course we had planned. It was chicken and waffles with some sautéed vegetables. So we were excited. Tyler kept on taking pictures of us cooking and chopping mainly. I was the one girl that loved cooking and baking but I love my job at being a cosmetologist. I do mamma bears hair and Tyler's I play with when he's laying on me and I do Ryan's hair and TJ sometimes for movies I do it. But I do Ashley and mamma bears hair the most. We were finished with cooking and Tyler took exactly 450 pictures of me and Ashley our camera took was filled. I had to go through them though and put them on my computer to post and to delete some of them and save them. Of course I kept the one of me and Tyler kissing like we were in the snow as my lock screen. But I changed it to the one of me and him smiling with flour all over each other. I liked that one the most. Then my home screen was of me and Ashley smiling before we started to cook. I was so happy how today turned out. Tomorrow we are going to cook dinner. But I'm wondering about is what's gonna happen tonight.

What will happen?

Will Ryan be jealous?

Will somebody start to hate me?

Tyler loves me but will happen tonight?


Sorry I haven't been posting I've been really busy with school work and everything but I am back and will be trying to post almost everyday!!



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