The next generation

Hi my name is lily potter, I'm 12 and This is the horror story of my first year in hogwarts.


5. The first day at school

At 11 o'clock we were all standing at the train station and the Hogwarts express started to approach us. We hugged each other. Dad told me it didn't matter if I was in hufflepuff, everyone said that I have a large amount of hufflepuff in me. Grandad Weasley was a hufflepuff. The train pulled in and we got on it. James and Albus found their friends and sat with them, so I sat with Hugo and Khloé.

The trolley lady came and I got some pumpkin pasties. Hugo got some chocolate frogs and got a Dumbledore card. Khloé got nothing, she felt a little homesick. When Khloé started to talk we talked about my mums ex job as the English seeker in 2004. We also had a laugh about the nose bleed incident

We pulled into Hogsmeed station and Hagrid took us into the carriages. We got to the lake and got into groups of 3, Me, Hugo and Khloé got into a boat and trailed behind Hagrid. A great castle shadowed over us. Candles lit up the path and the great doors opened.

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