The next generation

Hi my name is lily potter, I'm 12 and This is the horror story of my first year in hogwarts.


2. Monday

At 12 o'clock me and my family were waiting for my relatives to arrive. Mum had decorated the living room with ribbons and pixies. The doorbell rang and the Weasley family came in. Uncle Ron brought WIZARDS CHESS ULTIMATE. I always beat him in wizards chess and WIZARDS CHESS ULTIMATE is a billion times harder. But still I beat him. Then the rest of the family came and the Malfoy family came too.

Dad called us into dinner and said a few words about how much we have grown up this year. Then he cast a spell and piles of food appeared on the table. Scorpius sat by himself whilst me and Khloé (Scorpius' little sister) talked about going to Hogwarts this year. She was my best friend and we were in the same year. Then once we finished we all left and went to bed. I had a realy weird dream that night...

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