The World Unknown (5sos fanfiction)

When Ember Rollings joins Tolan (Luke Hemmings), Yates (Michael Clifford), Holtzman (Ashton Irwin), and Gilbert (Calum Hood) team of ghostbusters she is in for more than just ghouls. Somehow falling in love with one of her new team members seems more shocking than the ghouls running rampant around New York City. When the ghosts come a knocking who ya gonna call?


3. Chapter 2




 I run into the ghostbusters building at 7:50 AM the next morning pulling my suitcase behind me. I'm a little early but after having to listen to my parents complaints for about two hours last night I was ready to leave as soon as possible. I knew they were going to have a hard time with it but I wasn't expecting them to be that mad about it. So honestly the best thing for me to do was to slip out with all my stuff this morning before we could all get in an fight again.


 The receptionist Ann hurried over to me when I walked in again offering me another warm smile. I smile back grateful for her kindness today.


  "Hello dear good to see you again"


  "Good to see you too"


  "Ready to head up?" She says motioning me to follow her to the elevator.


 She hits the button on the elevator, it dings, and we step inside. She hits the number and the elevator starts to move up. I clutch the handle of my bag tightly as we reach the floor and the doors open to reveal the loft I would be living with my four ghost hunter partners. I feel a smile tug on my face as I look around. It's nothing grand but it still feels like very inviting. And for the first time I really feel like I'm going to be okay here.


  "Your room is over here" Ann says motioning to one of the doors on the left side of the room.


 I gasp as she opens the door. The bedroom is beautiful. The bed is against a designed wall and a chair matching the bed sits near it with a little table. Across the room is a bookshelf and a dresser next to the door to my own small bathroom.



  " I hope you like it. I had the boys bring the bed over here from my house. It used to belong to my daughter but she moved out years ago so she wont mind me giving it to you. I hope it will help you feel more at home" Ann says and I set my bag down and pull her in for a hug.


  "It's beautiful thank you so so much. I am really nervous but this really helps" I say and she hugs me back.


  "Your welcome and try not to be to nervous. Your going to be great. And don't worry about the guys accepting you. The fact that they hired you within the first hour you were here yesterday after searching for a month of going through applicants"


  "Thank you. So were are the guys at?" I ask placing all my stuff down on the bed to put away later.


  "They're in the office where you had your interview yesterday" She says and we head out of the room and back downstairs. Ann gets a call so I walk myself back to the office and knock on the door.


  "Come in" I hear Tolan say.


 They all turn to me when I walk in. They are dressed in their regular clothes and look like they haven't been awake more than an hour. I give a small chuckle as Yates starts to fall asleep against the table and Gilbert pushes him roughly waking him up.


  "Good your here. We can get started" Gilbert says motioning for me to follow him.


 The guys lead me to another room that has lockers written on it. We step inside and the lockers line the wall. Towards the back is the weapon they use to catch there ghosts. Gilbert heads over and grabs it hanging it to me. I stare at it in awe. Not believing that my dream has actually come true.


  "The proton pack is what we use to weaken and capture the ghosts we come across. This one is yours" Gilbert says and I give them all a grateful smile.


 They spent the next couple hours going over how to use it and where to store them when we get back to the office. I listen carefully not wanting to miss anything.

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