The World Unknown (5sos fanfiction)

When Ember Rollings joins Tolan (Luke Hemmings), Yates (Michael Clifford), Holtzman (Ashton Irwin), and Gilbert (Calum Hood) team of ghostbusters she is in for more than just ghouls. Somehow falling in love with one of her new team members seems more shocking than the ghouls running rampant around New York City. When the ghosts come a knocking who ya gonna call?


1. Authors Note



   This fanfiction is based on the 5sos ghostbusters trailer. I thought it was a great music video and amazing song and really funny and I thought this would be a good idea for a fanfiction. I hope you guys will like the story let me know what you think :)



                           Luke Hemmings as Tolan

                           Michael Clifford as Yates

                           Calum Hood as Gilbert

                           Ashton Irwin as Holtzman


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