One night

The story of two people in a new relationship as they have sex together for the first time.
My first one it's not the best!


1. Nancy and Kye

Kye walked towards the bed as Nancy slipped the covers over her body to hide herself.

"You don't have to hide from me" Said kye. " I know" replied Nancy "but I don't want you to see me naked until tommorow". Kye' face contorted into a frown. " what?!" He asked "well" began Nancy " tommorow night I have something planned"

Key's face changed from the frown into a grin as he threw himself on the bed. He slowly shuffled towards Nancy. He pushed himself up onto his palms as he dipped his head down towards Nancy. The two lovers began to kiss.

"Why wait?" Asked Kye as he ripped the covers off the bed revealing Nancy's naked body. His jaw plummeted to the floor as his eyes saw her curvy body. Kye lowered his body towards Nancy for another kiss but she got a tight grip on his t-shirt and pushed him to the side as she pulled his shorts down with her other hand. Kye relaxed as Nancy ripped his clothes off him.

She had an eager look in her eye as she pulled down his boxer shorts to reveal his erect penis.

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