Someone like you

a story where Ashton meets the love of his Life

Ashton is 30 years old in this fanfic

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5. The next morning

Winter's POV:


When we got back to the hotel (the crew and I), I was so tired I went straight to bed. I was thinking about what to prepare for tomorrow, you know, because we need to go look at the terrain and see if Mr.Irwin really found dinosaur bones in his backyard, wich is very unlikely. As I was falling asleep, Rebecca stormed in and jumped on the tiny bed next to mine.

"Gurl, why didn't you come out with me tonight? I had the best time. Yo Australia is great, do you want to go surf tomorrow after going to your paleontologist thing? We could go walk on the beach, meet some cute guys, you know, have fun. Isn't it the reason why we're here, apart from your work?'' Reb said.

''I don't know, well see where the wind takes us. Now good night 'cause tomorrow is a big day for all of us.''

Well I didn't know who Ashton Fletcher Irwin really was at that time, but I was about to be surprised.

"Good night Wint"

" 'Night Reb"

And then we both fall asleep under the same sky. Waiting for tomorrow to come.


The next morning...

"Come on, come on Rebecca! Wake up!" I said hitting her with a pillow.

She was still in the outfit she wore the night before and I was already ready to leave, showered and wearing the museum I work for uniform's. She slowly woke up  as I told her that I'd be waiting in the hotel lobby for her with the crew.

At 8 AM fix, we were at Ashton's door and he opened it to us kindly, taking us to the backyard, where we started to look around the gigantic beautiful backyard. He pointed us where the bones were, so we went to have a look, but it wasn't dinosaur bones, it sadly a cow's skeleton, it was complete, so the team and I decided to bring it to the museum anyway. I called our boss and he said that the team could come back to Canada to go back to work. I secretly wanted to stay in Australia, you know, to meet people and explore the country, so I asked my boss for a paid leave and he said yes. Well that's gonna be fun...



Ashton's POV


They came in and took the bones and then they were heading back torwards the car when Winter looked up to me.

"Thank you for calling us, have a good life and etc, etc, bye Mr.Irwin"

She reached for my hand and I shook it. But then she had a questioning look in her eyes.

"Irwin, I heard that before... but where?''

''Maybe because I am, well I was in a band called 5 seconds of summer, but we stopped doing music now, our careers kinda diverged...''

''Oh yeah that's right, my sister was a big fan of yours!! It's nice to meet you as a singer. Hi I'm Winter''

"Well I'm Ash"

Then there was a awkward silence..

"So how long are you going to stay in Australia?" I said.

"I really dont know yet "she responded.

I got straight to the point.

"I could show you around Town if you want"

"I'd love to !" she said

Then I gave her my number and watches her walk away.

•{{{hey sorry guys I won't post the next chapter until next week because of a personnal problem. but I promise the next chapter will be longer and really good ❤️}}}•

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