Beyond the Veil

I wonder what the world would be like if one could know - for sure - the difference between what is real and what is not. What would happen, I tell myself, if the remaining people on Earth didn't compete for power?

They say it was God's gift. I say it was the radiation. More accurately, I can say that it is a mystery how the human race can now conjure hallucinations.

Close your eyes, breathe, and break the veil. It's that easy to steal into someone else's conscious. It's that easy to drive human beings further into extinction.

My name is Divona Xander, and I am part of the last, and only, civilization left on Earth.


1. Battle 1

The fog billows around my paralyzed figure, and it takes all my strength to remind myself that it isn't real.

It's not real. Relax.

The sky is still blue. The birds still fly above. There are still crowds of people around me, even if I cannot see them. I hear them cheering my name, Divona.

Across me there is another girl on her back, just as I am. She stares up at the sky while I thrum my fingers against the ground. At this moment, touch is more reliable than sight. I close my eyes.

Now, where do I begin?What about something nice for a change?

I imagine myself cutting through the fog around me. I feel the dirt and the mud build into a mountain. Lastly, I imagine a stream of water gathering and falling from a cliff.

Opening my eyes, I see the waterfall to my right, just as I imagined it. Now the other girl closes her eyes. I think her name is Heila.

What will your next move be?

I see the water pooling around my motionless body. The waterfall is still streaming down. Heila threw down a barrier. It became my goal to break it.

Closing my eyes, I tear at the fog even more. I force its substance to compact into a large force in the water, whipping my eyelids open, and exhaling slowly.

A rush of water surges towards the girl. It hit her barrier with the force of a tidal wave. The barrier collapsed, leaving Heila defenseless.

Do you surrender?

I force the words into Heila's mind. Her mind is thin as paper. I've trained mine to be hard as steel.

In answer, a white flag raises between us, and the fog slowly clears, revealing the faces of the spectators.

"Divona has placed further in the rankings. However, Heila hit last place. 247 out of 247. Her fate will be decided tomorrow evening." The announcer paused. "Good day." Thus the competition that would determine our futures concluded.

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