Love, Satan


1. Chapter 1

I woke up from the same dream I had been having for the last few, I'm not sure how long. This time it was different though.

"Listen, Olene, we really need to talk." Someone said to me. I wasn't paying attention as I was too absorbed in the story I was reading.


Somebody was coming to see me. That hasn't happened in years, I'm guessing. I'd don't know how long I've been locked up, but not a single soul has come to see me. I don't see why they would. I'm a monster, and always will be.

"... are you listening to me?" The voice was mad at me now, but I too was getting mad, because I couldn't concentrate on my book.

Suddenly, in the darkness of the nowhere I was buried in, I saw light, and for the first time, it wasn't my own. Initially it was like a spark in the distance, but it grew and grew until it reached me. It was only a moment till I'd be brought back and I was going to stand before them with my head held high, showing no remorse what so ever.

"For the love of.. I was gonna tell you in a sensitive manner, but you don't deserve it. So.."

Before the light barely touched me, I stood up, closed my eyes and smiled. My time has come. The wait is finally over.

And I let myself be consumed by the li-

"They want you back!" Shane yelled before I could even finish the sentence I was reading. It didn't make sense what he said. It didn't at all.

"What do you mean they want me back?" I asked, outraged.

"The Whitmors, they want their daughter back, apparently." He let me know, rolling his eyes. They couldn't do that could they?

"It's probably only for a dinner party or something. It's no big deal man, just like always." He said. Actually, it was a big deal, for me at least, and he knew it

"But it is!" I insisted. "They can't just use me and throw me out when they want. I. Am. A. Person!" I was so mad that I had to prevent myself from yelling. How dare they!

"They are your parents at the end of the day."

"No. They are not. The Whitmors are so not my parents," I yelled. I got up off my bed and went to stand next to the window. "Parents don't do what they do to me to their children, Shane." My voice lowered a bit and my mind started reminding me of everything they had done to me.

"I know, I know. But I can't do anything about it. Or they will take you away from me. What would I do without you?" I knew he was right.

I was stubborn person, very stubborn, but in situations like these, I had no choice.

I turned back to him still sitting on my bed.

"How long for?" the sadness evident in my voice go?"

"They wouldn't say."  They always told me the length of the stay. Strange.

"Ok. But when do I leave?"

I waited a few seconds before turning to him when he didn't answer. . He looked uneasy.

"Umm... Right now." I didn't say anything. I couldn't. It was eight pm and they came without notifying me.

Screw them!

I just started packing my bag, putting in all my basics, zipping it up and leaving out the bedroom door. They always did this.

"Let's just get this done." I sighed, and made my way out the front door where the the chauffeur was waiting.

I left without saying goodbye, but I knew I should have.


The car turned and came to a stop in front of colossal golden gates, and behind the gates, with a side view, was a garden as big as a freaking park. The car horn beeped twice and the gates started to slide in opposite directions.

A  minute of driving straight on the driveway, we finally neared the Whitmor Mansion.

"Here we are Miss." the chauffeur announced.

The chauffeur stopped, got out to open my door and gave my single bag to one of the workers who was waiting. I followed him to the front of the house and, like always, was left breathless.

Right in front of the mansion was the pool, almost as big as half a football field. That was a bit exaggerated but my point is that it was huge. Cement floor surrounded the pool for a few meters, where outdoor lounge chairs were in neat rows. Ahead of that was the park sized garden, with all its exotic  flowers immaculately bordering the garden.

The back garden was the same too, but with an outdoor table and chairs.

The outside of the mansion was a sight to see. It was three story mansion, with elegant pillars and balconies. My favorite part, though, were the two stair cases at each end of the front side. The curling staircase on the right led to my room.

As we climbed the stone steps leading to the front doors, I saw that they were already open. Were they always like this? Because if they were, that couldn't be too safe, even with all this security that I know would irritate the hell out of me.

Finally entering the this castle place, I was faced with the biggest staircase I had ever seen, right in the middle of the room. There was a peachy color everywhere, which I didn't mind at all.

The room in front of me led to the living room on the left, and the dining room to the right. I remembered the kitchen being way back, past the stair case and to the right. This was the only floor without bed rooms. The other two had like two dozen on each, excluding  the servants room.

It was a beautiful place, but I knew I could never call it home, because it never was or ever would be.

Following the worker all the way to my to my room on the second floor, I wondered where everyone was because it was dead quiet, like everyone had abandoned this place.

"Excuse me, do you know where everyone is?" I asked the worker with my bag. He stopped and answered me.

"Gone to bed, Miss," Gone to bed? It was only about 11pm. He must've seen the confusion on my face because he spoke again. "It's lights out at 11pm.

Like an early to bed early to rise thing."

I got what he meant, I mean they are rich, but they didn't even bother with a call or stay up just this one night. Even though I said I didn't care for them much, it hurt like hell when they treated me like I was no one.

I made it to my room and sat on my bed. It was suppose to be sort of a purple themed room. The carpet, curtains and bed covers were all purple, along with a few decor pieces. I really did like purple.

The worker, Gabriel his name was, left my bag and closed the door after me.

Texting Shane of my safe arrival, I decided I was just going to watch something because I was not sleepy at all. One episode wouldn't hurt.


This whole morning was a disaster.

One episode turned to two and two to four and four to eight and the next thing you know it's sunrise and I'm dead tired. On normal days, this wouldn't really bother me, but today was not a normal day, and I was sleep deprived.

At around six someone knocked in my door, and I had just fallen asleep.

The maid came to tell me that I had to be at the table at seven sharp. Who has breakfast at seven? I knew I should've gotten up but being me, I told myself I would just close my eyes for a minute but when I opened my eyes, it was six forty-five.

I freaked.

Jumping out of bed, I raced to my bag to put on something presentable. I absolutely could not be late on my first day here.

Grabbing on the first top and jeans that came to hand, I changed faster than ever before. I perfumed myself and ran out to the dining room.

Let's just say it only got worse from there.

I stopped running when I came close enough to catch my breath, because I knew it would take me a minute because I'm a lazy ass. I really needed to slow my breathing or else they would know someone is standing there. My breath also stunk since I didn't have time to brush my teeth. Would they know I didn't shower? I hope didn't need to get too close to anyone.

"This is going to be awkward." I thought as I worked up the courage to actually turn the corner and seat myself.

"We can all here you breathing, Olene." A voice came from  the room. I completely froze but I knew I had to act quickly. I immediately turned the comer.

The dining table was a huge table for 20. It had eight chairs on either side and one at each end. There were more people than usual, that much I was sure of, but being so sleep deprived, nervous and breathless, it was impossible to spot who it was.

"Greetings.." I went completely blank  for a moment before realizing greetings was too weird. "I means good morning." I messed up again. Damn it!

"Good morning to you too." My mother call out from the the chair next to the head of the table. Dad was the head. Then it was dead silence. I was so confused as to what to do. And why were they all staring.

They probably knew I didn't shower.

"Come, sit down darling." She called. Darling? She had never in my

17 years of existence called me that. Frankly, I was bewildered, but I complied. I took a seat next to Robert, my brother, and looked up to see the most beautiful eyes staring back at me. I started back for a bit till someone cleared their throat.

"Olene, you remember the Foster's don't you?" My father asked with urgency in his voice. "From last week's masquerade."

"Yes, of course." I had no idea who they were, really. Last week I was here, that is true but I also danced with a lot of people. And it was a masked dance.

Why were they even here?

I did not know whether I was suppose to get up and greet them or just wave my head or whatever. I don't really know why, but I decided to extend my hand over to pretty eyes, before dad could say anything else, and shake his. If I danced with him, I would remember because I felt like being a creep that night and took great notice to the feeling and texture of the hands that accompanied me.

Instead of it going smoothly like I imagined it would, I accidentally knocked over the water jug into whatever the hell fancy breakfast plate was next to it. Then I realized my hand was in my plate of pancakes.

Everyone was staring at me.

"I'm sorry." I whispered sheepishly and sat back down. . Yes I was embarrassed, but I felt like laughing. It was a job holding it in. I'm pretty sure pretty eyes smirked, and Justin, my other brother, was full on shaking.

After that disastrous breakfast, I ran immediately to my room.

"Stupid!" I whispered to myself. "You didn't even shake his hand."

"What? Do you have some sort of hand fetish?" A voice came from the doorway right after I said that. I didn't need to shake anyone's hand to know who that voice belonged to.

That was the voice of Satan himself.

This is my first book. I know it's a little slow here, but it'll get better. Really!

Thnxx for reading.

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