Young mom


1. unexpected

"OMG!? I'm pregnant omg why me I don't even know who the father is!!! I'm not even in 7th grade yet!" Lucianne said.


"Bailey, my water just BROKE." Lucianne said. Bailey started freaking out. "I have to get you to the hospital." 4 minutes of maniac driving they got to emergence care, since they father wasn't there bailey stepped in and held her hand when Lucianne was giving birth.


After the birth they figured out that the baby was a healthy baby boy and she named him Dolton.


"Omg why is Dolton still crying I feed him I've change him I have even sang to him!" Lucianne says as Dolton screams in the background. "Have you tried to rock him to sleep, my mom does that to her baby." Bailey said. Eventually Dolton fell asleep. "Lucy I know we didn't get to celebrate your birthday when you were giving birth but here's a gift any way." "First off don't call me Lucy and second thank you so much for remembering my birthday." Lucianne started to open the present as bailey watched her. "Omg thank you so much I needed this." As she took a blue stroller with red stripes and white dot and cup holders and storage space at the bottom.

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