Abducted By Luke Hemmings

"That's right, I forgot I tied your mouth." Luke says as he removes the cloth from my mouth.

"Why are you doing this?" I said as my eyes begin to fill with tears as my mascara falls with it.

"I've been pretty lonely the last couple of days. I need some company and my band isn't going to help. I thought I should go get myself a girl." Luke answers while his hands are behind his back.

"You didn't have to pick me. I have a family that is probably worried sick about me. You need to let me go, I can't stay here..." before I even finish my sentence, his hands are wrapped around my throat, tightly.

I try searching for air but the more I search for air, the more pressure he puts on my throat. Kicking him is no use, he's a lot stronger than I am.

I know exactly what he wants, and for him to let me go, I have to do as he pleases.

"Kiss...me.." I said with the lack of oxygen I have.

"What did you say?" he questions while he slowly lets go of my throat.

"I said....kiss me..."


1. Abducted By Luke Hemmings: 01

Still a virgin and always a virgin, right? Well, not exactly correct. At some point, you have to give up. I would give my virginity up for any 5 seconds of summer member.

I truly think anyone would, if their that desperate. I've been watching them grow from maybe 500,000 fans on YouTube, to 10,000,000 or more world wide.

When people meet someone famous, they act as though God has finally stepped food on earth. Listen, they just make more money than we do, that's all.

We were made through a hole, came out to the open through a hole, and breath the same air. If we can breath the same exact air as famous people do, that's like getting their signature but inside of my body.

I'm Sophia Mason, age of 16, and ready spaghetti for the 5 seconds of summer concert on Saturday. Don't you hate Monday's, because I know I do.

I'm stuck at my grandparents house this summer. They have no wifi in this shitty apartment so I have to waste my data. I'm sitting on my grandfathers rocking chair, on my iPhone, scrolling through tumblr.

"Hey Sophia!" I look up slowly as my hair covers my face. It's my grandfather, he's always calling me. "Yes grandpa." I say as I remove my earbuds.

"I need you to shave my back for me!". He always asks me to do that, I loath it but I love my grandpa so I do as he says. I get up from his rocking chair and set my phone on the counter.

I walk over to the bathroom with my hands tucked inside of my back pockets. When I open the door of the bathroom, I find my grandpas saggy balls blinding my eyes.

"Grandpa!" I yell trying to erase the image from my head. "I'm old, what's the point?" he says while he smokes his cigarette. "Your seriously sick." I said as I cover my eyes with my hands.

"What? Come on, shave my back!" he says. "Grandma should be doing this." I said as I pick up the razor. "Well Sophia, grandma went to go get dinner." he says in a baby voice.

It takes about 10 minutes but I finally finish shaving his back. "Now, I'm going to go wash my hands for more than 5 seconds this time." I said shaking my hands in disgust.

"You and that band Sophia." he says as he shakes his head. "What, it's like you and the newspaper. You find what you need in the newspaper, correct? I find what I need with 5 seconds of summer."

I walk out of the bathroom and head to the kitchen sink. I take a nice 10 minutes to wash my hands squeaky clean, it even chipped my black nail polish off.

I shake off the water and wipe the access water off of my hand with the kitchen towel. "Hey buttermilk!" my grandma yells. "Buttermilk?" I said.

"I bought you some things." she says. "Oh Jesus." I said. "Hey, don't put Jesus' name in vain. You know better Sophia." she said.

"Okay then Cheese and Rice it will be called." I said as I walk over to the table. "Wheres the gift?" I ask but when I turn around, my grandmother is gone.

A turn around again and find her holding a black 5 seconds of summer t-shirt."Grandma, you didn't have to. I already own that in white." I said as I lean against the wall.

"Be grateful! Now you have it in black." she says as she throws it at me. "Thank you." I said. She didn't respond, not a word.

My grandmother has tried very hard this summer to become the best grandmother in the world. She has also tried getting along with me, but it hasn't really worked out for her, has it?

"Where Jason grandma?" I question. "He's your twin, you should know." what a bitch? Okay, I'll let that one slide. I walk out of the kitchen and into the living room.

I grab my phone from the counter and unplug the earbuds from my phone. I throw the earbuds on the couch and begin to scroll through tons of text messages from Jason.

One text says "I'm heading home now, since your not going to pick me up.". I wonder what happened to him? But that's none of my business. The little brat can protect himself.

I lay down on the couch, daydreaming about 5 seconds of summer. I've worked my ass off for VIP tickets just to meet them and I think I deserve to relax for a little bit.

"Sophia!" my grandfather screams. "What do you want from me?" I said knowing I just fucked up.

"What did you say?!" he yells. "Nothing." I said. "I hope it's nothing. Come broom the hair off of the floor." he says.

I cant even relax for 5 seconds without my name being called. I get up from the couch and walk towards the broom that is located in the kitchen.

With a broom in my hand and my life in the other, I make my way to the bathroom. I open the door slowly this time, finding my grandpa wearing clothes and reading the newspaper while smoking a cigarette.

"Grandpa, where are your eyebrows?" I ask. They are not there, there's no sign of hair on his eyebrows. "Oh I though it would go better with my big bald head." he said with looking at me.

I can't even deal with him anymore. I begin to broom the floor, brushing away the hair that was once on his back. When I finish, I say "Grandma! Come pick up your husbands hair from his back!".

I walk out of the bathroom leaving the broom and my grandfather alone. When I enter the living room, I find my brother sitting on the couch, wounded.

I walk towards him slowly, admiring the teeth marks on his arm and scratches around his face. "What happened?" I said as I giggle at the same time.

"It was my girlfriend, Amanda." Jason replies. "Was it a cat fight cause you got fucked up?" I said as I touch his face. "She got upset with me." he says.

"About what?" he looks serious so I sit down right next to him. "Well, I don't think I should tell you." Jason says.

"Why not, I won't get mad?" I said lying to myself. "I got her pregnant." Jason said.

"You what?!" I said as I get up slowly from the couch. "Yeah, she took a pregnancy test and it came out positive.". I walk over to my room with my hand against my forehead.

I close the door with my free hand and lock it. Mom is going to kill him, she is going to murder his ass. Dad can't do shit because he's dead and Jason's life is about to be gone too.

"Sophia!! Get over here right now!" my grandfather screams. I walk over to the bathroom where he is still sitting. "What?" I need to know what's the fucking emergency now.

"You carved my god damn name wrong on the wooden bracelet. What's my name Sophia?" he says as he finishes his cigarette.

"Norman." I respond as I roll my eyes. "Exactly, you made me waste 2 dollars on this bull shit! Do you know what 2 dollars can do?" now we're gonna argue.

"Listen old man, I don't give 2 shits what your money means. It means to stop being a cheap bitch and buy whatever the fuck you want! Also, stop bothering me, my OCD is kicking in because of your ass." I said and I walk out of the bathroom.

I can't take his bullshit anymore. It's his money, he bought the dumb bracelet. I really need to sleep, I have a massive headache. I need to dream my way out of this world and land on planet 5 seconds of summer.

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