The Edge

Heather Meza was perfect. She had a perfect family, perfect friends, a perfect house, a perfect life.
She was known for her brains and beauty, and her long, brunette hair, sharp blue eyes, and slim figure never hesitated to turn the heads of male or female.
But Heather Meza wasn't happy.
Soon, she met Nathan at a very unexpected time and location. Her heart beats faster when she's around him, and she has never felt this way about anyone before.
What is this feeling she has?


5. Chapter 5

I opened my eyes and coughed. I was in a dimly lit room, with small windows nearly touching the ceiling. They weren't nearly big enough even for a rabbit to slip through, and seemed so far away.

I was sat in a wooden chair, nearly broken. Splinters stuck into my back.

I tried to look behind me, but something held me back.

I attempted to move my legs to get up, but my ankles felt like they were glued to the wood. I stretched to peer over the chair, but my hands clung onto the chair stubbornly.

I sat, confused and scared. That's when it hit me. I twirled my hands around and felt it. Rope. Rope, it was against my skin, pushing me to the chair.

I made a strange whining noise, and struggled to break free.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,"

I muffled a scream.


I most certainly screamed then.

"Stop. Stop struggling... There's no point. I've already tried,"

"Who...W-who are you... LET ME GO."

"I'm not responsible for why your here." Came the reply. It was a male voice.

"I don't even know why I'm here." He continued. "All I know is, you have to get out. I'm weak."


There was a silence. The silence was replaced by a small beeping noise.

"Hear that? It's gonna explode. Get out."

"Not before I know who you are!"


I began to panic again. Bomb. I was stuck to a bomb. The voice... It was coming from behind me. He was stuck to it too.

The beeping continued to get louder and louder.

I moved my wrists back and forth. The rope was thick. It would take too long to saw it off with the chair.

I could hardly move, but I managed to kick the chair a bit. I made a bigger kick, and a bigger one, until the leg came off. I fell.

"What the hell did you do?! NOW I-I'm falling! S**t!"

I pushed the wood with my head over to my tied wrists. Then I grasped it with my fingers, and stuck it between my flesh and the rope. I pulled.

I had to use all the strength I had, but it worked. The rope snapped.

I grabbed the wood with my other hand, and did the same with my other wrist. I had two free hands, two bleeding, bruised hands.

I pulled off the other chair legs, until I was separate. Then I sat down, and untied the rope around my ankles, until I was completely free.

"I-I'm out." I coughed to the boy.

The beeping was getting louder by the minute.

I moved quickly to him and untied the rope fastening his legs to the chair. Then I moved and saw the bomb.

It was a huge device, that had been sticking our two chairs together. It was now glued to his chair only.

"Does it have a timer?" The boy asked calmly.

"Yes," I said, tears streaming down my face. "Thirty seconds,"

He panicked, and fell forward. His hands were tied to the device. I wouldn't be able to unite it in time.

"Just... Get out..." came his muffled voice.

I still hadn't even seen his face. I didn't know what to do.

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