The Edge

Heather Meza was perfect. She had a perfect family, perfect friends, a perfect house, a perfect life.
She was known for her brains and beauty, and her long, brunette hair, sharp blue eyes, and slim figure never hesitated to turn the heads of male or female.
But Heather Meza wasn't happy.
Soon, she met Nathan at a very unexpected time and location. Her heart beats faster when she's around him, and she has never felt this way about anyone before.
What is this feeling she has?


3. Chapter 3

Soon, a taxi pulled up at the end of my driveway. I got into the backseat and began to fidget with my fingers.

"Where to?" The taximan asked.

"Oh, just to the top of the town. Around The Coach House."

"May I see your ID?"


"I'm only joking," He laughed. "Are you going up to have a few drinks?"

"What? No! I'm only fifteen!"

He chuckled to himself. "It was just a joke."

I laughed nervously.

The car radio was blasting a song I had never heard before. I listened to it the whole way up to the town.

"Is here okay?" His voice was a bit of a shock to me.

I looked out. It was nowhere near Hanna's house, but it would have to do.

"Erm... Perfect. Thank you." I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I looked at the driver.

"Payment?" He said.

"Oh, of course." I shoved my Mom's change into his hand. "Is that enough?"

"You're broke." He chuckled to himself, examining the coins, "It's fine, I'll let you off. Have fun."

He unlocked the doors and the sudden wind whipped my face. I rubbed my arms to warm myself up. I watched as the taxi sped off down the road, blasting another song.

I began my walk. It was quiet. There weren't many people out, besides the occasional people that walked out of the chipper.

As I walked,I realized that there was a white van on the road, driving slowly, even though there were no cars in front of it.

I stopped and peered at it, trying to look through the window. To my shock, it stopped too.

I picked up my pace, and it did the same. I stopped again, frozen with fright.

It pulled into a parking space beside me.

I decided not to scream, in case it was just a coincidence. I kept walking normally, showing no fear or weakness.

"Calm down," I whispered to myself, "Calm down,"

But I couldn't. I began to awkwardly walk-run: Walking with a little hop in between.

I heard car doors slam.

I stopped.Then ran.

I ran so fast that everything was a blur. I was so scared I began to cry. My vision went blurry, and I picked up the pace again so my tears simply streamed out of the way.

I had never run so fast in my life.

But I wasn't fast enough.




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