The Edge

Heather Meza was perfect. She had a perfect family, perfect friends, a perfect house, a perfect life.
She was known for her brains and beauty, and her long, brunette hair, sharp blue eyes, and slim figure never hesitated to turn the heads of male or female.
But Heather Meza wasn't happy.
Soon, she met Nathan at a very unexpected time and location. Her heart beats faster when she's around him, and she has never felt this way about anyone before.
What is this feeling she has?


2. Chapter 2

I sat on my bed in my room, thinking. Why exactly did Nat want me to go? I checked the time. Is was half past seven. I had been thinking for half an hour. How long was I on the cliff for then?

"Stop overthinking," I said to myself.

I got up, deciding to get ready.

I picked out navy skinny jeans, and a black Hogwarts tank top. I put on my white converse, and pulled my hair into a bun. I applied dark eyeshadow, red lipstick, black liquid eyeliner and mascara.

It was eight by the time I had finished. I still had time to do whatever I wanted.

My phone began to vibrate. I picked it up, and the familiar ringtone started. It was Nat. I answered.

"Heather!" Nat's excited voice came from the other end of the phone.

"Hi, Nat." I replied.

There was a short silence.

"Aren't you excited?" She asked.

"Erm, yeah, really excited. I can't wait."

Another silence...

"Thanks for inviting me," I added.

"I didn't. Hanna wanted you to come,"

"Oh, really?" I filled my voice with fake enthusiasm. 

"Yeah. She wants to hang out with us."


"So, how did you tell your Mom about it?" Nat asked.

"I said we're going to Domino's. She gave me spare change."

"Oh, cool." She replied. "I'm sneaking out."

I giggled.

"Typical Natalie," I laughed.

"So, what are you wearing?"

I told her.

There was another silence.

"I'm coming over."


"No. You can't wear that."

"Nat! Don't you dare-"

The phone call ended.

"-Come over." I finished.






It was half eight when Nat got there. The window was closed, so she frightened the life out of me when she tapped on it.

I reluctantly walked over and opened it. She fell in. She was wearing a sparkly, red dress.

"Hi," I said, making sure that she knew I didn't appreciate her coming over.

"Ew, " She responded. "No."

"Yes. I'm happy with it."

She clenched and unclenched her hands at me, a disgusted look on her face.


"Fine, but if anyone sees you... I don't know you, okay?"

She opened the window again and flopped out.

I was going to tell her we could go to the party together, but she was getting back in her taxi already. Her house was in the town, mine in the countryside.

"She's crazy." I muttered to myself.

Just then Roy barged in.

"Where's the fire?" I asked.

"Why are you wearing...That?"

"I'm going out." I replied.

His jaw dropped. "I'm telling!"

He ran out of the room happily.

I walked down the stairs after him, grabbing my phone on the way.

Mum was shouting at him downstairs. I walked past.

"Bye," I shouted over her. She didn't realize. Roy didn't either.

I walked out the front door and called a taxi.



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