For Better Or For Worse...

Luke Hemmings stumbles upon a pregnant McKinley at the park and you'll never believe what kind of twists & turns they encounter together. It's going to be a wild ride once the baby's born but he doesn't care because with every second spent with her he is falling madly in love. Could she be the one for him? Will he complete her little family? Or will everything fall apart in a chaotic storm leaving nothing but ruin in its wake? Find out for yourself inside of For Better or For Worse... Please like/favorite this story if you find it interesting. It's also on Wattpad. Follow me on here and there for more stories to come. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment on what you thought of this because I love getting feedback and I can't improve as a writer without it.


1. The Beginning...

"Get out of this house McKinley! I never want to see you again! You have disgraced this family & as of now you don't exist to any of us! Pack your things and leave immediately." I couldn't stop the tears from flowing as my mother screamed at me. It really hurt that she was kicking me out when I needed her the most. I've done a really stupid thing, I know, but for her to just abandon me like this is just insane! I guess all of those times she said she would love me no matter what I did were all just lies. My life is completely over. I'm gonna have to drop out of school as a junior, get a job, & take care of a baby by myself because as soon as I told my boyfriend, he dumped me. I didn't even want to have sex, he took advantage of me while I was drunk! Now I'm paying the price while he gets to go through life responsibility free. It's not fair! I had a good life, my parents had money & I was pretty popular, & he took it all from me. My mind just kept swirling all these thoughts in my head as I loaded all of my things into my SUV.


As I drove away from all I've ever known, I decided to go get something to eat & maybe some money to start out with from the ATM before my so called parents remembered my debit card that was loaded with my allowance was still in my wallet. I'll pull off as much as I can & hope it's enough for an apartment & go fill out job applications in the morning. I'll sleep in my car tonight & figure out housing options after my job search & go from there. Right now all i can do is take it day by day. I can't believe I screwed up so badly! I just want to scream, hit something, & cry on someone's shoulder. I have no one now though & I'm so lost.


After going to the drive-thru at the closest fast food place & getting almost a full grand off of my card, I pulled up to my favorite park & sat on the swings, beginning to eat. There were 4 guys still playing around on the basketball court in front of me & I kept stealing glances at them. They were all pretty cute & I found myself daydreaming about talking to them. Soon, my food was gone, but I stayed there watching them play & living in my fantasies because I was happier for a little while. I didn't notice how much time had gone by or that they had disappeared form the court...


"Hey, I'm Luke. What's your name?" I almost fell off of my swing as he spoke to me. I was so lost in myself that I hadn't noticed him come over & sit next to me. "Uhhhh...I'm McKinley." "I'm sorry for scaring you. I thought you saw me come over. What are you doing here by yourself? It's not very safe out here at this time of night..." I smiled back at him shyly. "It's okay, I was just lost in my thoughts. I got kicked out of my parents house...& you're here by yourself you want a ride home?" I can't believe I just told him about that! "Well, I'm sorry to hear that you got kicked out. Why don't I take you up on that offer & you can crash at my place tonight & tell me more about yourself? What do you say?" I took a second to think about his offer. I mean I didn't want to sleep in my car, so I got up & we headed to the car. It wasn't a far drive to his place & when we got there, I grabbed some pj's, clothes for the next day, & anything else I thought I would need.


As I got situated on the couch, Luke picked out a movie & made himself something to eat. "So...let's start with why your parents kicked you out if that's okay... I don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything." I sighed in frustration at the memory of the fight & explained it all to him, leaving nothing out because I felt like this kind stranger deserved the truth. "Oh wow! I'm soooo sorry McKinley! I can't believe your parents would do that to you, especially since this wasn't even your fault. They should be helping you... & your ex needs his ass kicked! What's his name?" I  smiled as I felt my cheeks burn. Luke seemed to care more than anyone else had. "Oh no, I'm not going to be the reason someone gets in trouble", I said. "Okay, okay, but I do want to offer you my spare room for as long as you need it. I live here by myself & it gets kinda lonely so I was already looking for a roommate. This is kind of weirdly perfect. You don't need to work because I make enough performing with my band to support an entire family & more, I just want some company. What do you say?" I was stunned. I had never expected this at all. "Uhmmm...are you sure about this Luke? You would be taking on a pregnant girl. Once I have the baby, it's gonna get pretty hectic. I'm also not sure about the not working part... I'd feel bad."


He smiled at me & grabbed my hand. "Of course I'm sure McKinley! I know it's not going to be easy, but we'll make it work. How about this, you do most of the house work & we'll call it even. This place could definitely use it so it'd be a win/win situation for both of us. Plus, even though we've only known each other for a few hours, I definitely like you. I don't want anything bad to happen to you or your baby. Let's give it a try! We can sit down in the morning & discuss everything. Just say yes to that & we can watch this movie & call it a night." I laughed & nodded my approval. There was no way I could tell him no when he was this insistent about it. "Alright Luke, but I do have one question before we get started. You said a little bit about being in a band...what band is it? I'm just wondering if I've heard of you guys because from the way it sounds, you're very successful." "Yeah we are pretty successful, but when I tell you, you have to not freak out... I'm Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer..." My mouth dropped, I couldn't help it. Now it made sense why they would be playing basketball so late at night.


"Well, I gotta admit...that was extremely unexpected..." He smiled, "yeah, it's not something I usually have to tell anyone because most of the world knows who I am haha. Don't let it freak you out though, I can personally assure you that you'll be protected at all times. We have a top notch security team. If you need a few days to process all of this, I'll completely understand & give you the space you need. Just let me know & I'll go stay with one of the guys until you're ready to talk." I giggled & shook my head. His cautious behavior was so cute! "I thought you looked familiar, but with everything going on it slipped my mind why. I don't need a few days Luke & I would never ask you to leave your home. Let's watch this move & discuss living arrangements for me in the morning though because I'm getting really tired." He chuckled while I resituated myself on the couch. "Okay, sounds like a plan", he said excitedly while starting the movie. I was asleep a few minutes after that, not even seeing 5 minutes of it.

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