For Better Or For Worse...

Luke Hemmings stumbles upon a pregnant McKinley at the park and you'll never believe what kind of twists & turns they encounter together. It's going to be a wild ride once the baby's born but he doesn't care because with every second spent with her he is falling madly in love. Could she be the one for him? Will he complete her little family? Or will everything fall apart in a chaotic storm leaving nothing but ruin in its wake? Find out for yourself inside of For Better or For Worse... Please like/favorite this story if you find it interesting. It's also on Wattpad. Follow me on here and there for more stories to come. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a comment on what you thought of this because I love getting feedback and I can't improve as a writer without it.


2. Author's note

Hey lovely readers :) i will be posting a brand new chapter either tonight or tomorrow around noon so please keep a look out for it. Things are about to get really interesting for Luke & McKinley. If you like my stories and want any other social media info for me please feel free to ask in the comments section & i will give it to you :) stay beautiful & always remember that you guys rock dont let anyone bring you down! sorry i went to warped tour last week and saw a lot of ppl being extremely rude there. since i go to a lot of concerts ive been thinking of starting a concert blog. would that be something you guys think you would enjoy reading? please let me know. sorry for the ramble im just really bored today. i look forward to reading your thoughts. love you guyyysss


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