That One Time I Went On A Quest

Kastor applied for a job he wasn't qualified for and got it. His employer? A woman known throughout the Realms as the greatest dragon slayer in the world.


28. (deep breath)


We’re leaving tomorrow. Bobby and Killisan are loaded and ready to go. The whole of Iborus has gathered in the outer courtyard to listen to Kathanhiel’s final speech. Her voice carries over thirty thousand expectant faces, ardent and strong.

‘…and let it be known from the Precipice to the Sunset Isles that each and every one of you have chosen, of your own will, to carry this sacred burden, to stand against that which cannot fall, to fight against the imperishable, so that your children’s children can look up to the sky and admire the blue heavens with eyes unafraid and filled with pride…’

Standing by Kathanhiel’s side I see the rapture on their faces. Her words have captivated their hearts, put light to the shadows in their minds and chased them away. Just as Arkai said, she’s very good at giving hope.

Talukiel is here somewhere. Him and his mad flock.

Twenty-seven cultists had been rooted out and executed, each and every one of them long-serving members of Iborus. An untold number is still out there however, and if they’re all like Palasine, the threat of death would only galvanise them.

He’s coming tonight. It has to be tonight.

Kathanhiel’s speech ends, and the crowd breaks into rapturous cheer. Waving, she gives me a sideways glance. Her eyes are that of a grinning lioness.

Our reprieve is over – from now on there’ll be no rest, no rest until our quest is done. 

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