Angelina is sent off to spend her summer break with her aunt Becka. No one tells her why they are sending her away but that it will be good for her. As she rebels and acts out she soon finds out the real reason. And a nice boy she meets at a bad party will have her questioning her life decisions and future life decisions .


3. Chapter 3

I finally decided I would wear my yellow sundress and wave my hair with a wing and lashes. When 11:30 came around and I knew my aunt was asleep I opened my window and struggled out. Finally I got my ass on the sand with a thump and almost teared up because of the pain.

But I quickly got u and walked to the purple house. As I walked in people were screaming and dancing and laughing. It was like a regular party but with more liquor , sand, and surfers.

I walked around trying to find the blonde that invited me but soon gave up.  I grabbed a drink and drank it in one drunk. Then drank another and another and another. Then I lost count and my balance and fell onto the couch. 

"Damn baby what's your name" a guy said to me as he touched my inner thig. I hit his hand away and stood up to see the blonde dancing with two guys. She squealed as she saw me. I waved and she came over.

"I love your dress!".

I nodded " thankssss, but I'm so jealous because you are so freaking flawless like whatttttt so whatttt flawless, which mean no flaws. Not one flaw. Nope, nope, nope".

She laughed " we're going to be good friends, what's your name?".


" I'm Rebecca".

"Even your name is beautiful!".

She laughed and we danced and I drank more and more. 

After when I got home that night I came in loudly and got caught. But after that night I went out to a lot of parties. And the biggest and loudest one is where I met Christian .



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