Angelina is sent off to spend her summer break with her aunt Becka. No one tells her why they are sending her away but that it will be good for her. As she rebels and acts out she soon finds out the real reason. And a nice boy she meets at a bad party will have her questioning her life decisions and future life decisions .


11. Chapter 11

"How exactly are we suppose to know which hospital you're mom is in?" He asked.
"I'll go to my house, there has to be something there that is going to tell me what's going on".

"When do you want to leave?".
"Wait, I'm not letting you do this by yourself".
"I'm not asking . You have to be here home. I'm not going to drag you into my mess. I have to pack I'll call you when I get to the airport" I said quickly, then hung up before he could say anything.

I grabbed my bag and stuffed a Tshirt, a dress, a crop top, some jeans, leggings , some underwear, and my extra shoes. 
I went tot he kitchen and grabbed two apples and banana. I looked through my jeans drawer and found the money I'd been saving since freshman year. Only about seven-thousand. 
I grabbed my makeup and stuffed it in my bag and began my walk to the airport.

By the time I got there I had twelve missed calls from Christian. I called him right before I was about to buy my ticket. 
"Baby, baby are you okay?" He answered on the second ring.
"Yeah I'm at the airport".
"I know" he said .
"You know?".
"Turn around" he said.

I turned to see him put his phone down and look at me smiling. He was carrying a bag bigger than mine and I ran up to him and hugged him as tight as I could.

"I'm not letting you do this alone, your mess is my mess beautiful".
I smiled and kissed his cheek.
"Better buy I ticket" I said as we walked back to my bag.
"Already did, you took a while babe" he laughed.
"Shut up" I laughed.

"Got you one too" he said .
" thank you".
"Flight 162" the speakers said.

"That's us...you ready?" He asked grabbing my hand.
"I have never been more ready, I miss home" .
We walked onto the plane and I fell asleep on Christian's shoulder.

I woke up to Christians earphones tickling my face.
I scratched my nose and looked up at him.
He laughed, " awe sorry babe".
"It's okay , how long do we have left?" I asked sitting up.

"Two hours".
"What did you bring?" I asked.
"Money, clothes, charger, and shoes".
"Dammit I forgot my charger" I said. He tapped the tip of my nose with his index finger "poor baby".
"Shush" I laughed , then kissed the tip of his nose.

"I brought seven thousand and some clothes and fruit" I laughed.
"Fruit?" He laughed.
"Don't judge me, what if I ran out of money for food" I laughed.
"Trust me you don't have to worry about that" he said.
"I may have brought ten thousand".
"How in the hell do you have access to ten thousand bucks?" I asked surprised.
"My family live comfortably...".
"How come you never told me that. I feel stupid".
"I'm sorry, I've known girls who like me just for it" he said looking down at his hands.

I held his hand, "I like you because you came here with me, not because what you brought with you ".
He kissed my hand.

After the plane we rented a car. 
"So where exactly are we going?" He asked asked as he put his hands on the wheel.
"Well it's three so let's head to my house".

"What are we looking for there ?".
"Anything just to know what's going on" I said as I pointed to where to go.

"This house?".
We got out and walked over to the house. 
"Do you have a key?" He asked.
I shook my head "but I know somewhere it's always open.
I grabbed the top of the fence and pulled myself up.
"Damn babe I love this view" he said, right below me.
I laughed "shut up".

I jumped over and Christian followed. I walked up to this big tree by the house and began to climb it.

"How the hell did you find this shortcut?" He asked confused, but continued to do as I did.
I laughed "well let's just say I used to sneak out, a lot".
"Damn babe looks like you got a crazy past " he said.
I laughed " shut your face".
He laughed and we finally got to the roof and of course my room window was open a crack, as it's always been since the sixth grade.

We walked in and my room was just as I left it. Clothes on the floor and my bed undone. 
"Damn babe clean your room" he Laughed.
I opened my door and walked downstairs, "common".
"Should I check your mothers room?" He asked.
I nodded, "yeah the third door".
I went downstairs and it felt as if nothing changed. The kitchen looked untouched, like no one had been there since I left. 

I looked around the mail to only find four letters and one was a bill.
I grabbed in and stuffed it in my pocket. 
I walked to the living room to find only a blanket on the floor. 

I walked to the restroom to find pills all over the floor and the glass broken.
"What the hell happened in here" I whispered to myself.
I took out my phone and took a picture of the scene.

"Babe! Did you find anything?!" I yelled.
"Kind of " he said.
I walked over to the room to see him reading a note. 

"What is that?" I asked.
"It just says I'm sorry".

"I think I know what this is" I said as I pulled out the bill and opened the letter.
And there it was, just what I thought it was. 

"What's wrong babe?".
"My mom..." I could feel the tears filling my eyes, " tried to kill herself".

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