Angelina is sent off to spend her summer break with her aunt Becka. No one tells her why they are sending her away but that it will be good for her. As she rebels and acts out she soon finds out the real reason. And a nice boy she meets at a bad party will have her questioning her life decisions and future life decisions .


10. chapter 10

"So how long is your friend going to stay here?" My aunt whispered to me, while I was down stairs in the kitchen.
"Boyfriend, and only one more night".
"Well it's been three" she said.

"He's honest" I said under my breath as I walked away.
"Nothing" I said.

"Remember the rules!" My aunt shouted as I walked up the stairs.
I walked up to my room.

Christian was laying on my bed in his sweats without a shirt on.
"Damn" I said smiling. He laughed " sorry baby I was looking for a shirt and got distracted. He had pictures laid in front of him. 
"What are those?" I asked as I sat on the bed next to him.

"Pictures of your family ...is that your mom?" He asked pointing to a little girl in a picture.

"Yeah" I said smiling, "she's so beautiful".
"She looks like you" he said as he looked up at me.
I kissed him, "she's too beautiful".
"Let me show you how beautiful you are" he said as he moved the pictures and grabbed my face and kissed me.
He moved me and laid me down and hovered over me.
Suddenly he stopped.

"I should put on a shirt" he said and he got up and looked through his bag and found a light blue shirt and slipped it on. 
"That was a little sudden" I said as I sat up.
"I want to, I really do" he said looking at me then grabbing my hand, "but I want it to be right" he said.

"Okay okay" I said as I stood up and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him softly. 
"Babe" he said .
"Yes my love" I said as I moved the blankets, so I could cover myself .

"I know you don't wanna talk about it but what are we going to do about your mom in the hospital ?".
"What's do you mean, what are we going to do?".
"Don't you want to know why?" He asked as I got underneath the blankets.

"There is nothing I could do to find out" I said.
"We could check the phone out again, or we could -" .
"I'll figure something out" I said.
"Well I better get to the couch" he said as he kissed my forehead.

"Ugh I hate her rules, can you lay with me for a second?" I said.
He nodded and got underneath the covers with me and held me until I fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up to and empty bed.
I walked downstairs to see my baby cooking breakfast.
"How did you sleep beautiful?".
"Mmmmm perfect" I said as I kissed his cheek.
Then my aunt walked in.
"Yes ma'am".
"So still not going home" she said as she grabbed her purse from the rack.
"He's making us breakfast and that's all you can say?" I said upset.

"He's been here for three days, Lina" .
"I'm so sorry for overstaying my welco-".
"No you did nothing wrong" I said upset , I don't know if I was mad at what she said or that she never told me she was talking to my mom.

"Maybe we just won't stay here then" I said.
"Stop, I promised your parents I would take care of you".
I was so mad and Christian gave me the look to calm down.
"I have to work, so we will talk about this later" she said.

"I should go to. I'll call you" Christian said as he grabbed his bag.
"Bye baby" I said as I kissed him.

3 hours later.

"Baby!" I said as soon as he answered the phone.
"Yes?" He asked.
"I know how we are going to figure out why my mom is in the hospital".
"We go to the hospital".

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