The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


5. This Is the Real You

Lucy watched impatiently as Allison stood up and elegantly glid out of the room almost like she was floating. She waited for a few minutes to make sure she as really gone and then she got up and sneaked over to the door. She looked from side to side and then hurried over to the big black doors.

'We have got to stop meeting like this.' A male voice said behind her. Lucy winced with shock and turned. Dominic was looking at her accusingly,

'Stop doing that!' Lucy said annoyed

'Sneaking out are we?' he asked and folded his arms across his chest.

'It's none of your business where I go or what I do.' she said dryly

'No you're right. Except it is because I am going to have to save your ass again.' His phone rang, 'Excuse me for a second,' he said and slid his phone out of his pocket. Lucy drummed her fingers impatiently against the wall, 'hello?' he asked into the phone and turned around. Lucy grabbed the opportunity and silently slid through the door and ran up the many steps. She felt the familiar cold rush as she ran out onto the street. She looked around but didn't find anything familiar so just ran the way of which the sound of the cars were loudest. Soon after she reached the city. She grabbed inside her pocket to check if she had money. She pulled out twenty bucks and ran over to the nearest street where she tried calling a cab. She turned around several times to make sure Dominic wasn't running after her. As she looked for the 6th time after she had reached the street Dominic appeared around a corner further down the narrow street of which she had come. She hastily called the next cab and luckily it pulled in. She quickly got in as Dominic had almost reached her, he sped up.

'Go.' Lucy said. Dominic reached the can and grabbed for the door as the ca driver started driving. "Sorry," she mouthed apoligetically as the driver sped up.

'Where to?' he asked and Lucy gave him the address of Jason's house.


Lucy slammed the car door shut and stood in front of the steps leading up to Jason's row-house. It was red and had a big brown wooden door with glass at the top. There were plants on the steps laeding up to the house and on the porch. Lucy heard the cab engine roaring and tires squeeling as it dorve away. Lucy took a deep breath and pushed open the gate and carefully walked the steps up to the door she reached her hand out for the bell but redirected it to the door as she saw it stood a bit open. She felt the fear rush over her like a wave. She pushed the door slightly more open and slid soundlessly through the gap.

'Jason?' she whispered, 'Jason?' she repeated. She walked slowly into the living room where Maryse - Jason's mother- and Cara - Jason's 9 year old sister- were lying. Lucy gasped and fell to the ground. She held two of her fingers to their necks searching desperatly for a pulse. She felt a soft bumping against all four of her fingers and sighed relieved. She got back up and turned the corner into the kitchen. Several things were lying on the floor smashed. She found a picture frame on a small stand next to the piano by the wall to the kitchen.  It was a picture of her, Jason, Maryse and Cara in Spain from last summer when they had brought her it had taken some time but eventually they convinced her mother to let her go with them. After all they had been best friends for fourteen years then so they were quite trustable. They were like a second family to Lucy, and Lucy and her mother a second family to Jason.  She smiled and spotted a pair of feet sticking out from behind the counter. She slowly walked over there and saw Jason's life-less body. She dropped the picture and the glass smashed into a thousand tiny pieces. She felt the tears running down her cheeks. She felt her hands to his wrist. She felt the same soft hammering but it was weak and slow. Suddenly it was rapid and faster. Jason started coughing and then sat up straight stil coughing a bit. Lucy let out a relieved breath and fell into his arms.

'Oh my god, I am so sorry.' she said, 'I don't know what i would do if you died. I love you so much!'

'I love you too, Lucy.' he said and wrapped his big arms around her.

'Jason, You have to go somewhere safe I can't risk loosing you. Bring Maryse and Cara. Their not sfe here either. I'm going to go now.' Said Lucy and pulled herself out of Jason's tight grip.  She stood up and walked over to the door. Jason followed me. 'Don't come after me.' She said, 'I can't risk your life. You mean too much to me.' With that she ran out with extreme speed. She never knew she could run that fast she never had before. The tears ran down her face and the wind rushed against her, giving her goosebumps on her bare arms. She stopped when she reached an empty park and  slid down a tree where she started crying rapidly. Someone placed their warm coat gently on her shoulders and sat down next to her. the person put their arm around her. Lucy looked up in shock and saw Dominic. 'Did you-?'

'Yeah,' he interrupted, 'I did.' Lucy buried her face in his shoulder where she soaked his shirt. 'I'm sorry Lucy.' He said and stroked her head, 'but your going to have to get used to loosing people you care about now that you're a Demonhunter. The easiest way is to just stop feeling anything for anyone.' 

Lucy looked at him in suspense then said, 'if a part of being a Demonhunter means I have to abondon everyone I love and care about and be dead inside... I'm not sure I want to be one...'

'Lucy, this is who you are.' He said gently, 'you don't have a choise,'

'You always have a choice,' Lucy said

'Not in this case Lucy. It's like being white but wanting to be black. You can't change it. This is who you are.' he repeated, 'This is who you're supposed to be Lucy Brown. This is the real you. I'm here for you.' This was the first time she really noticed his eyes. The were so brown like chocolate. Somewhere inbetween dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The were saoft and warm as they were looking down at her and full of kindness. He gently stroked a tear away from her cheek and then kept stroking her cheek gently and comforting. He cleared his throat and pulled his hand away again, 'The real us,' he corrected, 'we're here for you,' She leaned her head against his shoulder and fell asleep.

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