The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


2. The Mother

When Lucy woke up everything was black. She was lying in a big soft bed and wearing someone else's navy blue t-shirt. Lucy slipped out of bed and noticed a set of women's clothes hanging over a chair. It was a black pair of ripped skinny jeans, a black crop top, a black leather jacket and a set of black stilettos.

Lucy sighed, 'seriously? I guess it's better than nothing,' she said after a while and quickly put it on. Her bag was hanging on the same chair, so she took it and made sure nothing was missing. Lucy stuck her head out of the door, checking that the coast was clear. She didn't notice much of her surroundings, and focuses on the set of big black doors across the room. She quickly ran over to it and just as she had reached someone spoke behind her.

'Going somewhere? Not even a thank you note for saving your life?' Lucy spun around surprised at who she saw. It was the same boy who had bumped into her on her way home.

'You?' She asked confused and wrinkled her eyebrows,

'No! Santa Claus!' He said sarcastically, 'by the way what did you do with my shirt?' He asked,

'That was your shirt?' Asked Lucy and he nodded. 'Oh, umm, I left it in there,' said Lucy and pointed to the room from which she had come.

'Oh, good, you're awake!' A blonde girl said coming down a white staircase by the wall. 'I'm Allison and if I know him,' she threw a glance at the boy, 'right he hasn't had the manners to introduce himself. This is my partner; Dominic. And this is also my partner but also my twin brother; Aaron.' She pointed to a blonde boy coming out of a hall.

'Well, hello there beautiful,' he said coming over to them, 'good to see your awake and healthy.'

'Charming, Aaron. As always.' Allison said and smiled. Now everyone turned to her and looked at her.

'Oh! Uh ... Lucy. My name is Lucy.' Lucy said. A bit later she heard Jason's familiar ring tone, and hurried to pull her phone out of her bag. 'Jason?' She asked as she held the phone to her ear,

'Lucy!' He said sounding surprised, 'Lucy where the hell are you?! I have been trying to call you for a week, but you're not answering! Find my friends says your in a graveyard, I thought you were dead, I was worried sick! What the heck Lu?'

'A week?' Lucy gasped astonished.

'We thought you were dead. Seriously, you didn't even have a pulse,' Aaron said, 'But Allison convince us to keep you here another week, just in case,'

'Alright Jason, I'll be right out and see if you're there, OK?' Lucy asked

'Ok,' Jason replied and hung up. Lucy pulled the doors open and climbed the staircase. Once she reached the top she let her eyes glide across the graveyard.

'There he is! Jason!' She called and wanted to walk over to him, but Dominic grabbed her arm.


'Let me go!' Lucy insisted

'You have to wait until he looks the other way, he can neither hear nor see you right now. If he were to walk over here without the invitation of one of us he could walk right through us or over us without noticing.' Dominic explained and let her go. Lucy waited until he looked away and then jumped out. She felt a cold rush through her body.

'Jason!' She called again and ran over too him,

'Lucy!' He called and ran over to her. He lifted her from the ground and hugged her tightly, 'God, Lucy I was so worried - what are you wearing? Lucy have you been taking drugs or something?' He asked

'No Jazz, it's a long story.' Said Lucy and pressed her head against his chest. 'God, I am so glad to see you, I thought you were dead or something!' Jason wrapped his arms around her.

'You were worried about me?' He asked confused and kissed the top of her head.

'Yes,' Lucy said and started sob as everything that had happened suddenly rushed into her head.

'Hey,' Jason said gently and brushed over her hair, 'hey, it's ok, I'm here now.' He said and pressed her tighter against himself.

'I don't know what I'd do without you!' Lucy sobbed

'Ssshhhh, it's okay,' he comforted, 'besides I would do anything for you,' he said

'You don't have to die!' Lucy said and the tears started to run down her cheeks and they sank down onto the ground.

'I'd prefer not to do that, but if I had to, I would,' he said and brushed gently across her back.

'I'd die for you too,' Lucy cried

'Lucy get back inside right now!' Dominic called and appeared out of nowhere

'But what about Jason?' Lucy protested

'Go now!' Dominic commanded and pulled out a rock-like thing, which looked exactly like the two Lucy had found in the drawer in her mothers closet. 'Bring him if you must,' Lucy grabbed Jason's hand and pulled him inside she felt the cold rush and ran down the steps dragging Jason behind her. Allison and Aaron stood up as they burst through the doors.

'Where's Dom?' Allison asked

'He's up there, I think he needs help,' Lucy said

'Get the weapons,' Allison said to Aaron and he disappeared in a hall, whilst Allison ran out of the doors. Aaron came back a few second later with something that looked like the handle of a battle axt but the blades were missing, and the same sword-handle-like thing which Lucy had two of and followed Allison out. Lucy stood completely still without moving and just stared at the doors until they opened again. The same creature like thing that had attacked her at the beach burst in and screeched. It saw Lucy and made it's way over to her. She grabbed the two rocks out of her bag, crossed her arms and stabbed the creature. It turned into black dust like the other one. Dominic burst through the doors,

'What happened?' He asked

'Someone - something came in and then Lucy ... Lucy, she ... stabbed it.' Jason said

'Stabbed it?' He asked and wrinkled his eyebrows, 'with what,' his eyes fell into the two rocks she was holding. His mouth fell open and his eyes widened, 'where did you-?' The doors burst open again and Allison came in with Aaron's arm hanging over her shoulder to support him.

'What happened?' Dominic asked and picked Aaron up into his arms. 'Save your strength,' he added

'Demon venom,' Allison said, Dominic's face turned white and he carried Aaron through a hall and into one of the rooms and placed him gently on the bed. Allison stood next to the bed and made some hand gestures. She murmured something Lucy couldn't understand and then Allison stepped aside and let Dominic sit next to Aaron. After a while Allison asked Dominic to come.

'Dom ... I ... uh ... I want you to prepare yourself, he might not make it, it was a lot of venom he got before I could reach him.' She stuttred with tears in her eyes.

'No,' Dominic said refusing to believe it. He went back to the side of Aaron's bed, 'I won't let him die,' Domininc placed his hand on Aaron's and closed his eyes. Realisation shot through Allison's eyes.

'No!' She screamed and pushed Dominic away from Aaron, 'No Dominic! You could die! And even if you try no matter how strong your bond is, he could've had too much venom and die anyway! I can't let you take the risk I can't loose the both of you, please Dom,' she said with tears in her eyes, 'please,' she begged.

'Ally you know what will happen to me if he dies,' Dominic said and started to cry to and they hugged. Lucy and Jason went outside, and Lucy felt the guilt turn and twist in her throat. Allison came over to them.

'What will happen to Dominic if Aaron dies?' Lucy croaked

'Aaron is Dominic's Lumiteus. It's a bond stronger than any other except for love. But this one was created by love. If Aaron dies. Dominic will still be physically alive but mentally half of him dies. Literally. And then ... comes the pain. The pain of loosing your Lumiteus usually drives you so far into madness that you wind up killing yourself.' Allison explained. If Aaron died, it was her fault and her fault that Dominic would kill himself.


Later the next day when Dominic went to the bathroom Lucy went to sit next to Aaron. She gently placed her hand in his, 'Look, umm, I know I don't really know you, but you did save my life. Twice. And I want you to now that I appreciate that. I can see how much it hurts Allison and Domininc that you are like this, and I understand that, and they saved my life too, so it would be great if you could, you know, wake up again? Please, I want you to wake up again.' She said and supported her head with her hands. Suddenly Aaron started coughing and a white substance started to flood his mouth. Allison came running in followed shortly by Dominic,

'What did you do?' Allison demanded

'I... I.... I don't know!' Lucy stuttered frightened, 'I just ... I ... I held his hand and asked him to wake up again,' Dominic swooped some of the white substance onto a flat piece of wood and sniffed it.

'Demon venom,' he said and looked at Allison. Aaron stopped pulsating and coughing and lay completed still. His eyes opened wide and he sat up. Dominic and Allison dried the venom off with paper towels, put them in a plastic bag and threw the bag in the bin. Then they hugged Aaron. Jason came in and put his arm around Lucy and she leaned her head against his stomach

'You alright?' He asked, Lucy didn't answer instead she felt exhausted. Jason looked down at her. 'Lucy?' He asked, 'Lu?' Lucy's head slipped away from Jason's stomach and she crashed to the floor. 'Lucy!' Jason gasped and fell to the ground next to her. Dominic lifted her up into his arms and carried her into her room.

'What she did was extremely rare and powerful, she just needs rest,' Allison said, 'I think,' she looked down at Lucy, with fear glistening in her eyes.

'You think?' Jason asked angrily and walked over to her. 'You think?' He repeated

'Whoa, whoa, whoa, relax,' Dominic said and stepped in between Allison and Jason, 'besides,' he said and turned to Lucy, 'she's awake again.' Everyone turned to Lucy who slowly opened her eyes again. 

'Lucy,' said Allison and sat on the floor next to the bed, 'I need you to tell me what kind of magic you used to save Aaron.' 

'I don't know,' said Lucy, 'I've never done anything like it before,'

'You can never use this magic again. Ever. Do you understand me?' Allison asked and looked her in the eye.

'Why not?' Lucy asked confused,

'Because we don't know anything about this type of magic, for all we know you could end up killing yourself or someone else without knowing it,' Allison explained.

'I know what kind of magic she used,' said a woman with chestnut hair and green eyes stood in the doorway.

'You do?' Allison asked and looked at her. Lucy could feel Allison getting tenser by the second. 

'Yes, I do in fact know.' She said and turned to Lucy who had until now been focusing on Allison, 'It is an extreme type of magic possesed by so few no one has bothered to give it a name, so people who do in fact posses it are called; the unnamed. It is a power only possesed by people who have had physical contact with The Light of Day. You are right Allison, it is and extremely dangerous type of magic not only for the people it is directed against but also the people who host the magic. What you did Lucy could have cost you your life and if you had been unlucky also Aaron's. It is possibly to survive a second time, it has been done, depending on how strong you are. But I can guarantee you, you will not survive a third time. Now, you can use this magic for smaller things, say summoning something as much as you like and be perfectly fine after. Still, something as simple as summoning something, can be confused with something dangerous if you had not had a teacher and since it is so rare it won't be easy to find one. So I do not see it fit for you to use it ever again. I will nevertheless, thank you for saving Aaron. It is a very complitcated type of magic and very dangerous if used wrong, which is why I advise you only to use it if absolutely necessary and not for such things as laziness. Laziness will not be tolerated.' the woman explained,

'I touched The Light of Day?' Lucy asked

'Yes,' the woman said 'And since no one is obviously going to bother to intrduce me, I will introduce myself,' Lucy could feel Allison being as tense as ever because however little she had known her she seemed like a very calm and relaxed person. 'I'm Charlotte,' the woman said and threw and icy look at Allison, 'Aaron's mother.'

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