The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


1. The Light of Day


'Have you ever wondered if there is some other world? Something beyond the safe boundaries of our world? Something magical and dangerous? I know I haven't. Because I know it exists. How? I'm part of it. And I'm stuck in the middle of a war. Some people would say it's war between good and evil. I believe it's a war between two different forms of evil. I am left with two heart-breaking choices and I can't figure out which one is worse... Either way my child won't be forever safe no matter what effort I put into it. But I will die trying if I must. Man the boundaries, protect us. She is the key... to everything.'





'Happy birthday Lu!' Jason said and hugged her tightly.

'Jason, you do realise if you want me to still be alive tomorrow you have to let me go because I literally can't breathe.'

'Right, sorry,' Jason said and let go. They walked into the club and straight over to the bar.

'Two beers please,' Lucy said,

'ID?' The bartender asked and placed both hands on the counter. Lucy and Jason held up their fake IDs, the bartender didn't seem to notice anything strange so he handed them two beers.

'Cheers Lu,' Jason said and smiled,

'Bottoms up right?' She said as she stuck her arm through Jason's and held the bottle to her mouth.

'Bottoms up,' Jason confirmed as Lucy gulped the beer down. Lucy's phone rang. She pulled it out and pressed decline, 'it's just my mother,' she said

'Oh my god! Lucy!' A girl exclaimed excitedly behind her. Lucy turned to look and smiled as she saw one of her friends Dianne with two of her other friends Claire and Molly.

'Dianne, Claire, Molly, what are you doing here?'

'Oh, we were just stopping by, we were going to leave now anyways, just thought we'd say hi,' Molly said,

'Oh and happy birthday Luce!' Claire said and they all handed her a bag each. Lucy took them and took out a black crop top from one of them.

'Wow, um thanks,' she stuttered and pulled out the next one. It was a tight, sleeve-less red dress. 'Thanks,' she said and smiled crookedly as she pulled out the next one. It was a black box and she took the lid off. It was a pair of red pumps.

'We bought them together as a set,' Molly said and grabbed Claire's arm.

'Wow, thanks guys, it was so nice of you, I love it!' She said and as soon as they had left she turned to Jason and he looked at her and said,

'you are never going to use it are you?' He asked and raised one eyebrow

'I wouldn't know what for, you know it's not my style,' Lucy explained. A guy mid-twenties was staring at her grimaced few metres away she noticed. He had chestnut hair and impossibly light blue eyes. He turned and walked away when Lucy spotted him.

Her phone rang another three times, 'Wow your mother really wants you home you should probably go,' she hugged and kissed Jason in the cheek outside the club.

'Bye,' said Lucy

'Bye,' Jason replied and waved as Lucy walked home. A guy bumped into her on the way,

'Watch where you're going, will you?' She said and turned after him. He had black hair and brown eyes. He was very muscular and tall. He wrinkled his eyebrows and Lucy sighed and kept going. Her phone rang. She pulled it out of her pocket. 'Mom, sorry it's so late but to be fair I've only been here for like an hour, I'm on my way home okay? You don't have to get into a life lecture-'

'Lucy don't come home okay? Do you hear me? No matter what do not come home! Promise me you won't come home!' Her voice was trembling with fear

'Mom?' Lucy asked, 'mom, what's wrong?'

'Just promise me you won't come home!' she said panicked. 'Promise me-' a sound of wood breaking intterupted her mother. Lucy heard a thud like someone falling to the ground. Silence. 

'Mom?' she asked panicked and started running, 'mom?'

'I love you Lucy, no matter what happens never forget that I love you-' She heard a sound like her mother's phone dropping to the floor. Then her phone started to beep and then it was quiet.

'Mom?' Lucy felt tears of pure fear starting to flood her eyes. 'Mom? Mom!' She climbed the stairs to their apartment. The door was lying on the ground pulled of the hinges.  The hall was dark, she put her keys on the shelf next to the door and then placed her bags on the floor.

'Mom?' She called, every room was dark as she walked through the hall and into the kitchen. The grocery list her mother had kept on the fridge for years flew elegantly to the floor. The paper was old almost like parchment and looked like it was a page ripped out of a very big book. 'Mom?' She called again, Lucy heard a cracking sound under her feet and looked down. There was shattered glass on the floor and a picture frame lying with the bottom up. She carefully picked it up and turned it. It was a picture of her and her mother, only a few months ago when they had been in Italy together. She put the frame on the kitchen table and called her mother again. She continued into the living room. Everything was lying all across the floor. The lamps where smashed into pieces and the armchair had fallen over.

'Mom?' She whispered weakly. Then she noticed three dead men lying on the floor. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.  'Mom?' she whispered s quietly that she could barely hear her own voice. There was a small piece of paper stuck to the coffee table with some tape. She ripped it off and read it aloud.

'Your mother is safe. For now. If you want it to stay that way, bring me The Light of Day. Sincerely Micros.' Lucy let out a frightened breath, 'Mom,' she said feeling the tears starting to flood her eyes. 'The what?' She whispered as she felt the tears streaming down her cheeks. She slid down the wall behind her and cried until she fell asleep.

Lucy woke as it was still dark. She checked her phone; 1:26 am. Lucy felt the fear of what was coming next and the consequence of looking straight ahead where she had last night seen the three dead men. Eventually she tilted her head and looked at the three men. They were all wearing black suits and their hair was formally slicked back with hair gel. Lucy went into the kitchen and opened the cupboard under the sink and grabbed some plastic gloves. She carefully searched for anything useful on their bodies. She noticed that they were all wearing a the same silver ring with a sun engraved on them. She sighed and leaned against the sofa. She let her eyes glide across the floor and saw a small shinning object on the floor. She crawled over to it and picked it up. She recognised it immediately her mother always wore it. It was similar to the rings the men were wearing but this one was gold and had a sun set engraved instead of a sun. Without thinking she slipped the ring onto her finger and as she stood up she saw the picture frame with the picture of her and her mother. She stuffed it in her bag and did the same with the note Micros had left her. She walked into her mothers bedroom hoping to find something useful. She lifted the sheets from under her mothers bed but found nothing. She walked over to the closet and searched. She hadn't really noticed the spirals carefully carved into the wood at the bottom of the closet before now. She let her fingers glide across it and found something strange from one of the spirals. It was different than the others. It was bigger and stuck more out. She wouldn't have noticed it if she hadn't been up close. It looked a bit like a handle. She grabbed it and turned it carefully then pulled. It parted from the rest and turned out to be a drawer. She gently removed the lace covering whatever was in it. Inside there were three objects. There was a hair stick. It was black and had a pattern drawn at the top. Lucy took it out and examined it closely. Then she stuck it in her long wavy strawberry red hair making a French roll. The other two objects looked similar. Lucy took one of them out and examined this one closely as well. It was like a long bone-shaped rock, but it was wrapped in leather at the middle so it looked like a handle. At the top, Lucy noticed there was a tear. Like a space for a blade if there had been one. But there wasn't. She carefully let her finger glide across the tear. Lucy grabbed the handle firmly. It felt right. Like it was made especially for her. It felt like it was some sort of extension to her arm. Not a big one, yet and extension. She quickly stuffed them both in her bag and closed the drawer again, and ran out into the hall. She grabbed her keys and ran out afraid to be seen. The streets were empty so she assumed it was still late she hadn't remained in the apartment long. The streets weren't exactly empty but there wasn't a lot of people. Lucy tucked her green denim jacket tighter around her she felt a cold breeze in her face. She walked down the streets, turning many corners. She wasn't quite sure where she was going until she arrived at the beach; her and Jason's place. They had gotten engaged here when they were four. Surprisingly it was empty. Usually it was one of the most crowded beaches. Lucy sat down in the sand and took her shoes off to feel the sand between her toes. She closed her eyes and inhaled the slaty breeze. Occasionally the water would reach her toes. Lucy pulled the hair stick out of her hair and felt her long strawberry blonde hair fall gently onto her back. She twisted and turned the stick in her hand looking for something unusual, but didn't find it. It seemed to be a completely normal hair stick, so Lucy tucked it back in her hair. After a while Lucy stood up, brushed the sand off her pants and turned to go. She almost fell over as she saw the person standing only a few metres away from her. Her mother.

'Mom?' Lucy asked confused. Her mother smiled at her. 'Mom!' Lucy gasped relieved and threw herself into her mothers arms.

'Lucy, Lucy you have to give me The Light of Day. It's very important, I now you've found it,' her mother said.

'Mom, I don't know what you're talking about.'

'Don't lie to me Lucy!' Gillian burst out

'I don't even know what this light of whatever is, you know that!' Lucy said frustratedly

'You're lying!' Gillian screamed with a completely different voice. It was dark and almost robotic. A few seconds later her eyes turned purple and her hair into a thousand small blonde braids and her face disappeared instead there was a big mouth-like thing. A long tongue stuck out and raced towards her. Without thinking Lucy grabbed into her bag and caught hold off the two rocks she had found. She wanted to hit the tongue away with one of them but missed by far. Still about two inches were of the tongue was chopped off the rest, as if she had just cut a slice if cake. The creature screeched and Lucy quickly reached out with the other hand and stabbed it. The creature screamed again and then disappeared into black dust. Lucy panted for a few seconds and then ran downtown and stood in front of Jason's house for a few minutes, panting until she realised she couldn't go in or ask him to come out.

1. Because this was probably the first place the police would come looking for her once Chris realised she was gone.

2. She couldn't put Jason in this kind of danger. He had always had her back. She owed him this much.

'Alright, so what do I do now?' She asked herself as she turned down an empty alley. A hand came rushing around the corner and hit her hard in the stomach. Lucy flew back through the air and hit her hand on the cement. Suddenly her eyes felt incredibly heavy, and she fought desperately to keep them open. She saw a figure coming towards her. It looked like the same thing that had attacked her on the beach but this one moved slightly differently. Lucy crawled back but the long tongue shot through the air towards her and stabbed her neck. A soaring pain rushed through her body and she could feel it vibrating like she had gotten an electric shot. Her chest pumped up and down uncontrollably. The last thing she saw before her eyes fell shut was the creature. A hole appeared in the middle of the it's chest. It screamed and pumped it's chest out. Then everything was black.

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