The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


6. The Demn

When Lucy woke she was lying in her soft King Size bed, covered in the silver sheets. She pulled them away. Allison had laid out some more of her clothes for Lucy. She held them up. It was a tight red skirt and a matching red crop top. Lucy sighed disappointedly but then put it on anyway. It was already kind of Allison to let her borrow any of her clothes at all as they had only known each other for a week, and Lucy was in no position to be picky. She pulled on the black leather heals standing next to the bed and then stumbled down to the kitchen. Mark whistled as she stepped in and Lucy grimaced. She opened the fridge and took out a yoghurt and a teaspoon from the drawer. 'I wouldn't eat that if I were you.' Dominic said jumping down the steps from the door and onto the stone floor.

'And why not?' She asked and opened it.

'Look at the due date,' he replied and pulled spaghetti out of the fridge.

'This is two years past the due date! Why do you have two year old yoghurt in your fridge?' Dominic shrugged and started eating the spaghetti. 'So you're just going to eat spaghetti?' She asked and threw out the yoghurt.

Dominic thought about that for a while and then answered, 'Yeah pretty much,' Allison came in and shrieked when she opened the fridge.

'Where's Jackie?' She demanded and spotted the spoon next to Lucy, 'oh my god, did you eat her?'

'Oh and also it's Allison's yoghurt.' Dominic added with a stuffed mouth

'You named a yoghurt?' Lucy asked in disbelief. 'And I threw it out.'

'I cannot believe you!' She said grabbing the spoon and held it threateningly against her face, 'you can come here, sleep here, eat here, wear out clothes but you cannot throw out Jackie! Especially not in her birthday!' She said angrily and started digging around in the bin.

Aaron burst through the doors, 'Lucy you're human pet is here,' he said, took a spoon and started eating out of the plastic box Dominic was holding with the spaghetti in it.

'Jason?' She asked

'Ah ha!' Allison screamed in triumph and held up the two year old yoghurt, 'found her!'

'Yeah that guy,' Aaron said and stuffed his mouth with spaghetti. Dominic and Aaron looked at each other with spaghetti stuffed mouthes, grinned and high-fived. 'I still don't think we should keep her here,' Aaron said with hatred in his voice.

'She has no one Aaron!' Dominic defended her. 'But you wouldn't know what that's like would you?' Lucy got up and ran out to the entrance. Jason was standing there tapping his feet impatiently. He spotted her and his arms fell to his side, 'Lucy,' he gasped and ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her. 'Oh thank god you're ok,'

Lucy shoved him away, 'No I'm not "ok",' she said angrily, 'I told you not to come after me,'

'Well, unfortunately you can't stop me,' he said and avoided Lucy's piercing expression. 'Look, Lu, we've always been best friends you were my only best friend I ever had. I wouldn't know how to have friends or get a girlfriend if it wasn't for you. In fact I wouldn't be able to do a lot of things without you. You broke that guys nose in second grade when he was teasing me and I carried you over the Golden Gate Bridge when you soaked your shoes in seventh grade on the field trip.' Lucy laughed a bit, 'you got me my first date. I got you that rare and really expensive music record when you wanted to become a singer. Look, my point is we've always had each other's backs and I am not going to let you go that easily okay? You're basically my entire life Lucy. I'd do anything for you just like I said I would die for you,' said Jason

'I'm sorry I tried to get rid of you,' she said. Jason let out a relieved breath like he had been scared she was going to to tell him to shove off.

'It's like I told you before,' said Jason, 'I would die for you anytime, any day, anywhere.'

'Me too,' said Lucy and they hugged,

'Sweet reunion,' said Dominic behind them. 'I hate to break it up but I feel I must remind you, Lucy, that we still do have to find the most important object in the entire world, which your mother hid, find Micros, get your mother, and kill him before he kills us all.'

'Right, of course,' said Lucy, 'I had nearly forgotten,' she added sarcastically. Dominic smirked, 'I had an idea-'

'Absolutely not! Dominic we did not agree to this! This agreement was all in your head! No way! No! Not a chance! Non! Nej! Nein! No!' Allison said storming from the hall way her face bright red with rage, yet she still managed to look just as beautiful. Her blonde hair falling elegantly down her back and over her shoulder.

'Ally, she deserves to at least know the option!'

'No Dominic! You can't do this to her just because you are in love with near-death experiences!' Allison protested,

'Hey, that is not fair! We both know that I am only in love with myself, and I will always remain my one true love!'

'I agree with Allison,' Aaron said coming from the hall were Allison had come from,

'Of course you do,' Dominic said, 'you know what? Why don't you his invite all of the sanctuary?'

'I'm on Dom on this one,' Mark said coming from the same hall.

'Thank you Mark!' Dominic said appreciatively. A group of girls were passing by giggling and waving at Mark and Dominic, 'so that settles it then,' Dominic said, 'we tell her the option and she decides.'

'No, Dom! No! We're a tie-'

'No we're not, because I am so amazing, charming, awesome, handsome-'

'Just get to the point.' Said Allison running out of patience,

'Well, as I was saying right before Allison so rudely interrupted me I count as two of me and Mark because he is less charming, handsome, and all that,' Dominic added as Allison was glaring murderously at him, 'he counts as another smaller person like Jackson,'

'Jason,' Lucy corrected

'Whatever,' Dominic said not turning around. Lucy realised that he was right. She had always thought of Jason as muscular, tall and not too bad looking but next to Dominic, Aaron and Mark a looked like a sixteen year old boy.

'I want to know the option,' Lucy said,


'No, Ally. We have to tell her.'

'Look, Dom I know I don't know what it feels like to loose someone I care about yet but-'

'That's right, Ally. You don't. You don't know the anger you feel at yourself, the hatred. Because you keep thinking that you could have done more to save them. You keep thinking it was your fault from the beginning anyway.'

'Dom I-'

'No, I'm telling her, wether you like it or not, you're just gonna have to live with it.' Dominic said determined and turned to Lucy, 'we think someone might be blocking your mind. You're memory to make sure that you don't remember anything that could lead you to the Light of Day. There's a group. The Demn. It's a group of demons who are in peace with Demonhunters and everyone else in our world. But they are very powerful and might be able to retrieve the block from your mind. But the process is very dangerous,' Dominic added

'I'll do anything to get my mom back. I have to get my mom back.'

'Lucy, The Demn are like real life Silent Brothers just more powerful and WAY more creepy.' Allison said

Lucy swallowed a lump in her throat, 'I have to find my mother,' she repeated firmly.

'Alright then,' Dominic said, 'let's go,' they took a buss to an abandoned middle school.

'It's in a middle school?' Lucy asked in disbelief,

'Just wait,' Dominic replied and led them down a narrow path to the entrance. 'You wait here,' he said to Mark, Aaron, Allison, and Jason,

'Fine with me,' Allison said, 'I didn't want to go in the first place, the Demn gives me the creeps.'

'Good luck in there,' Jason said and gave Lucy a quick hug,

'Thanks,' she said and followed Dominic inside. He kept his hand on her back as they walked their shoes echoing through the empty stone rooms he opened a wooden door and held it open for her. Torches were hanging on the walls flickering wildly. The steps creaked as they walked down the long, narrow staircase. Lucy wanted to grab the wooden railing but as soon as she put some weight on it, a chunk broke off and Lucy lost balance. Dominic quickly catches her before she fell and helped her regain balance,

'Thanks,' she breathed still a little shocked. Finally she spotted an archway at the foot of the stairs which they passed through. Now skeletons were hanging on the walls looking like some sort of sick decorations. Lucy jumped as a pack of bats hurried away as they approached, Dominic held her hand reassuringly and pulled her closer to him. He smelled like cinnamon and apples. Two of Lucy's favourite things, she wanted to dig her nose into his shoulder, but restrained herself. They approached an archway with something written above it.

'Neuna La Polleysa Uni Deversere, adlevanta,' Dominic read

'What does that mean?' Lucy asked

'For Demonhunters, death is but the next great adventure,' he translated

'Nice...' said Lucy nervously. She could hear her breath trembling and feel her hands shaking. Dominic stopped and looked at her with a serious expression. She had never seen him like this. Usually he just looked, angry, sarcastic, or confident.

'You don't have to do this, you know.' He said softly but firmly

Lucy looked up at him. He was a great deal taller than her. 'I'll do anything for my mother.' She said determined.

'Okay,' he said as they walked through the archway but just know that it will be very painful,' Lucy's breath trembles as they approached the five cloaked figures standing in the middle of the room. They wore maroon cloaks with a black ribbon-belt thing tied across their waist to keep the cloaks from falling away from their bodies. The one in the middle gestured to a circle in right in front of them.

'Take your place, Lucinda Brown.' At first she thought the voice was in her head but then. She realised to was echoing through the room. She staggered closer to the circle and could now see that it had patterns drawn inside of it. There was another smaller circle in the middle of the bigger circle in which Lucy went to stand.

'Council. Take your places,' the voice echoed through the room again. They went to stand around the circle all of them exactly one metre apart. The one who had been speaking stretched out both his hands. The two next to him placed their hand on his at the same time and held the other one out. The two next to them did the same but didn't connect their hands yet.

'Are you ready for this Lucinda Brown?' He asked, 'Once the last hands connect you can not come out before the ceremony is at an end.'

'I'm ready,' Lucy said noticing her breath wasn't trembling anymore, but was firm, determined, and strong.

'You must stay I inside the circle no matter what happens or you will die,' the voice echoed through the room. The last hands connected and an electric wave shot through the circle and Lucy was knocked of her feet. The men started speaking, 'Asala na Neuna no Provinca Alod des Sempre Nostisinu,' another of the cloaked people came from a dark hall across from Lucy. He was holding a dagger with the handle upward. He walked to the nearest set of hands. Lucy had expected they would lift their hand s up or release or something so he could pass through, but instead he just walked straight through their arms. They let go of each other's hand on a he was inside the circle and took their hoods off. They were all bald but had marks across their skulls. Their eyes were wide open but instead of eyeballs there were just big black empty spaces. Their mouthes looked sown shut from the inside. They continued talking the strange language as the one with the dagger approached Lucy. He was taller than the others so Lucy assumed he was the leader.

'Hold out your arm.' He said, his voice echoing through the room. It was louder and deeper than the one from the other. She did as she was told and stretched out her right arm. He took the dagger and held the end to the top of her shoulder. He pressed hard enough for the blood to start coming out. Lucy winced. He pressed a little harder and drew a long red line down to her hand. Lucy couldn't help but scream. The pain was unbearable. But as he had reached the end of her arm he backed away and took a space in the circle and joined in with the language. Their voices became quieter and her sight became more blurry. Then she was in her room looking at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a white top with black jeans. She was only 12 years old here.

'Lu! Come on! We're gonna be late!' Her mother called from downstairs.

'Mom,' Lucy wanted to say but couldn't. Instead she said, 'coming!' She put on her black hoodie and ran down the three steps to the living room from her room. Her mother was standing by the door wearing a knee-long purple dress and her hair was tied up in to a bun at the top of her head, two curly strips were hanging down at the front. Her dad was standing next to her with an arm around her waist. He was wearing a blue shirt with a black tie and black pants. Lucy suddenly noticed all the small faint scars on her mothers body. She had never noticed them before. The same with left-overs of tattoos.

'There comes the birthday girl!' He said with a wide grin on his face. Lucy could feel herself smiling, in stead she wanted to run over to them both and hug them. She looked out the window and saw a person flying around outside. It wasn't as big as a normal human being but just about as tall as Lucy. She was wearing a green dress which looked like it was made of leaves and had transparent green sparkling wings. Lucy gazed at the fairy full of curiosity. Her mother followed her gaze and shrieked as she saw what she was looking at. The picture changed and now she was running down a wide alley her mother dragging her down. She was fourteen now. Her mother stopped in front of a big dark brown wooden door.

'Ben! Ben! Open!' She said hastily. A man with chestnut hair and blue eyes opened a small part of the door to look out at them. His eyes were so blue it was impossible. He closed the part and opened the door letting them inside.

'Ben, we need your help, he's here, he's after us.' Lucy was violently ripped out of her memory and was now back in the room with the Demn and Dominic. She was lying on the floor crumbled into a ball. The blood was streaming rapidly out of her arm. The Demn had stopped talking and we're now backing into the shadows. 'We were not able to fully access your memories Lucinda Brown. The block is too powerful. We can remove it but-'

'Then do it!' Lucy said desperately

'But you will die.' He finished his sentence, 'if you choose to do so we can give your memories to your companies and he can continue your search.' The voice echoed through the room like thunder. Lucy was about to agree when Dominic came racing toward her and knelt down beside her,

'No. Absolutely not.' He said, 'this was more than enough.' He said firmly and then turned to Lucy, 'can you walk.'

'I'm fine,' she said and got up. She tried to walk but almost fell back down if Dominic hadn't caught her,

'You've lost a lot of blood,' he said, 'let me help,'

'Fine, I can balance myself on you,' she said. Dominic put his arm under her arm and rested his hand on her shoulder. Lucy took the first step and Dominic swooped her up into his arms.

'Hey!' She said angrily, 'I can do it myself!' She protested

'No you can't,' said ignoring her hitting. He carried her into the hospital wing were Allison came in immediately. Lucy felt weak. The blood hadn't stopped running and she was running out of blood.

'I told you so!' Allison said angrily rushing around looking for bandages. Eventually she came back with three rolls, and wrapped them around her arm. 'If she dies it is YOUR fault Dominic! She needs more blood. Lucy, what blood type are you?' She asked gently

'A negative,' Lucy croaked.

'Shit!' Allison swore, 'none of us are a negative or O.'

'I am,' Jason said standing in the door, 'my blood type is O, take my blood. You can take as much as you want if it means Lu'll survive.' Allison looked at Dominic who nodded.

'Alright,' Allison said, ' you do it Dom I'll make a potion to slow the process.' Lucy felt colder and colder even though she was covered with four blankets. Soon after Allison came back with a slimy green liquid. Lucy gulped it down. It tasted horrid. Like a mixture of moss, mud, and blood.

'Ben,' Lucy muttered a few times and then her eyelids fell shut. When she woke up Jason was lying in the bed next to her with empty juice cartons and cake crumbles next to him. Dominic was sitting in a chair next to her with his head resting on the side of her bed. He was sleeping. Lucy was still tired so she rolled over and fell asleep again.

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