The Light of Day

It's Lucy's 16th birthday and she is out with her best friend Jason. Little does she know that she is in for a great surprise when she gets home. But not the good kind of surprises ....
Armies will rise to fight her before she is even aware of the powers she posesses....
What will happen to Lucy when she decides to leave, afraid that the people who love her and who she loves will die protecting her or trying?
What Lucy doesn't know is that there is a specific reason she can do what she can do which her mother had kept a secret from her all her life. But then again... What hadn't her mother kept a secret from her?


13. Boys Bring Trouble and Hurt


She was all he ever thought about. Why couldn't he stop thinking about her goddamnit? Sometimes when he walked down the corridor he heard he laugh and turned around until he realised it had just been in his head. Sometimes when he was with Leila she could take his mind off Lucy for a little while. He wanted nothing more than to stop thinking about her. She ruined him. She had tamed him like a lion into a cat. How? He had been soft. She had made him soft. Soft like a pillow.                                                                               





                                                                                                          2  1/2 Years Later



Lucy was walking down the corridor as she overheared a conversation between two maids. The sun was setting outside. 'That Dominic guy is actually getting married!' Said one

'I know! Can you believe it?' Asked the other one

'I am so jealous of the woman-' the maid cut off mid sentence as Lucy passed. A million thoughts suddenly rushed through her head. Could it be him? No. It couldn't. There was no way. The Dominic she had known would have never decided to get married. He was too adventerous. Too funny. Too- Lucy's thoughts were interrupted by her father as she walked into the dining room. 

'Are you alright?' He asked.

Lucy looked up surprised and grabbed a plate, 'No, just hungry.' She said and shoved enormous amounts of food onto her plate. She sat down and looked at her stuffed plate. She was close to throwing up just by the thought of eating it all. 'You know what, I'm not all that hungry anyways. I think I'll just go to bed.' Her father raised an eyebrow suspiciously but then nodded. The two maids were still standing in the hall whispering something inaudible. One of them walked away when she headed straight toward them. She pressed the remaining maid against the wall. 'You were talking about someone a few minutes ago. A Dominic. What's his last name?' Lucy asked

'I don't know what you're talking  about m'lady,' the maid stammered frightened.

'You really don't wanna lie to me,' Lucy said threatningly. She was terrified that the answer would be Calahay.

'Cal... Calahay,' the maid stammered.

Lucy felt her grip loosning and looked away, 'when's the... the wedding?' she asked almost choking the last word out.

'I can't-' Lucy tightened her grip again and looked her straight into the eyes, 'tomorrow night,' she whispered. Lucy let go and marched back to her room. She didn't bother to change and just pulled her jeans off ad crawled into bed. She rolled around sleeplessly for hours until she finally fell asleep. 


Lucy walked into the sun lit room. It was decorated with jewels and all sorts of expensive things. She was wearing a long, silk, light blue dress. With matching pumps. Her hair was tied up in a low ponytail on the side of her head. A strip of hair was tied around the elastik holding it together. It was braided on the sides. Her hair had been straightened and curled with a curling iron at the bottom. The full with people. She sat down on one of the benches. Music started playing. Dominic was standing wearing a dark blue almost black suit at the altar. At first Lucy thought he was looking at her but then she realised her was looking straight passed her as everyone turned. A beautiful woman with matching black hair, which was tied up in two braids which were pinned at the back of her head. She was wearing a big puffy white dress which Lucy honestly thought to be hideous, but everyone else gasped in astonishment. If she were into big puffy white dresses she might have too because she truly did look astonishing.  She didn't wear a vail but as she passed Lucy she could see a jewel encrusted comb sticking up from behind the braids. She heard ntohing anymore except two words which came out of Dominic's mouth. 'I do,' but then unexpectedly he looked down at her and called her name again and again. 


Lucy opened her eyes looking up into the cotton hanging over her in the canopy bed. Her father was sitting next to her. 'What's wrong?' She asked

'Well, you always wake up at about 8 am. It's now 14:28 pm. Yesterday you said you were starving and then you said you weren't hungry anyway and went to bed, so I could ask you the same question,'

'Oh, sorry,' Lucy said and brushed a strip of hair out of her face. 'I guess I just...'

'What?' He asked

'I guess I just thought I had fallen in love or something. Anyway I was wrong. He's getting married today so,' 

'Lucy, I might not know much about love. When I was young I thought having a relationship was always more trouble than it was worth. I never thought I was missing out on anything. Then one day when I was walking through the school yard a girl fell flat on her face. Her hair was so beautiful and silky. She was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. Of course I couldn't help but laugh. She looked up angrily snapped her fingers and I fell down next to her. Now she was the one laughing. It was a laugh so happy, so energetitic, so full of life. That was when I decided I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. That Lucy was your mother. And I let her slip away. We don't love like humans you know. When we fall in love, it's forever. No matter how hard you try you can't stop. In this world you don't think you're in love. You either are or you aren't, there's no in between. And if you found that love you must do everything in your power not to loose that.'

'Thank you,' Lucy said. Her father stood up and left. Lucy jumped in the bath and then put on her make-up and set her hair up at the back of her head with braids but left half of it out and hanging down her back. Then she carefylly placed small pearls into her hair. She opened the closet and found one small green dress which reached to her legs. Until she realised the side was ripped. She pulled it back off. There were no other dresses. She sat down on the floor with a sigh and looked into the closet. That's when she spotted a small carton box. She pulled it out and pulled the lid off. There was soft orange silk inside. Lucy pulled it out. It was a dress. It was sleeveless and long. There was a silver ribbon fastened around the waist were the dress went outward a little bit. Under the dress there was a matching set of high-heels. Lucy tried it on and looked at her self in the mirror. The colour went great with her dark strawberry blonde hair. She went downstairs to the office and left a note for her father and the dissapeared through the portal over his desk. She thought of the street leading to the graveyard and then she landed on her feet at the foot of it. She ran down the street her hair fluttering wildely behind her. Lucy spotted the light inside the church and pushed the heavy wooden door open. It fell shut behind her with a loud boom echoing through the church. The sound of wedding music stopping pulled Lucy forward. There was a glass wall with an octangular pattern further up. Lucy went around it and walked into the room. It was decorated with flowers and had crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. There was a red carpet laid out on the aisle with white rose pedals on it. At the altar a woman with dirty blonde hair braided into one big and elegant braid with a long white vail was standing across from Dominic. She was wearing a white cape-dress. The dress was tight down to her knees were it got puffy with gold lace. Everyone turned to look at Lucy, except Dominic. He was standing with his head bent, he looked almost sad. Lucy caught Allison eyes. She was staring at her with a mixture of hatred, surprise and relief. She looked at Aaron standing behind Dominic. He was looking at her just with pure hatred. Then she caught Mark's eyes who was grinning widely at her. It pulled a tiny smile from her lips. She searched the room for Jason but was unsuccesfull. He wasn't there.

'Well?' Asked the pastor, 'do you?' Everyone turned their attention back to the couple standing at the altar. Lucy sat down on the corner of a seat in the back. Everyone looked expectantly at Dominic.

'I do,' he whispered just loud enough for everyone to hear. Lucy heard nothing more. She stood up and ran out. What had she been thinking coming here anyway? What had she expected? That he left his bride at the altar for her? What had she expected? She felt the cold breeze against her face as she made her way to the abandoned building with the portal. Her sight was blurry as she leaned against the wall. She heard someone scream her name and saw Dominic's shape run inside she turned around again and without hesitating she was gone.


A few days later at lunch her father gave her a picture of a man. He was wearing an expensive-looking grey suit with a grey shirt and a grey tie. He had short black hair, almost bald and the beggings of a beard. 'You know the drill,' Mike said. Lucy nodded and went upstairs to her room where she pulled out a set of clothes. It was a long high-neck black shirt with a leather jacket and a pair of ripped jeans. Lucy had a feeling they weren't bought ripped. She pulled out a pair of the black high-heeled boots hermother had left and went throught the portal in her father's office. The streets were damp and the sun had already set. The water remains after the rain ran down the streets. Something attacked her from the side and Lucy crashed to the ground with the man from the picture on top of her.

'Daniel,' he said, 'Daniel Bernstein,'

'Lucinda, Lucinda Branwright,' she said and punched him so he rolled off. She pulled out one off her swords and aimed for his chest but he slid down and she hit right under his colar bone.

'That was a brand new suit,' said the man sounding upset.

'Too bad. I'm not going to pay for a new one. But then again you wont need a new one after I'm done with you. Attcking a lady at night. Tsk tsk tsk. Didn't your mother have the decency to teach you some manners. Honestly your bedside manners are abismal.'

'My mother died when I was two.' He replied shortly

'That explains a lot,' Lucy muttered, 'and in case you've never been in a fight before; you usually don't chitchat with your opponent, just a little piece of advice,'

'I'll keep that in mind when I kill you,' he said and kicked her away pulling out a sword. Lucy blocked the attack but just barely. He managed to slip through her wards but only got a blow to her shoulder,

'Oh really? I'll keep that in mind when you're dead,' she said and rolled away escaping the next attack. She jumped to her feet but crumbled to the floor shortly after. The blood streamed rapidly from her shoulder. She was in danger of dying of bloodloss. The man stood over her raising his sword far over his headd ready to stake all the way through. It seemed like he was hesitating like there was something wrong. Like hhe couldn't kill her. 'What's wrong?' Lucy asked tauntingly, 'don't have the balls to kill a girl?' 

'You are a good warrior. It's always a shame when they have to die.' He said and screamed and started throwing his hands down toward her. Lucy kicked the inside of his knee and he fell to the ground. Someone jammbed a dagger between his ribs. Lucy supported herself with one hand panting. Her hair was stuck to her neck with sweat. She looked up blood dripping from her eyebrow into her eyes and dow her cheeks like tears. A fifteen year old boy was standing over her. His clothes were stained with blood and he was holding a little girl. She was pale and her head and arms were hanging lifelessly at her side. Before Lucy could do anything emory rushed through her head. 


'You can't catch me!' A little boy taunted while running away from her seven year old self. 'Oh really? Because I just did,' she siad adn threw herself at the boy tickling him. The boy laughed. 'Come here Chay you little devil! Get back here!'  She screamed playfully.


Lucy scrambled to her feet and stumbled over to the boy. She held her blood stained hands out and picked them up into her aching arms. She staggered down the streets and realised she wasn't too far from the sanctuary. She panted as she walked down the steps and carefully slid her arms out from under them. She supported herself with her palms for a bit and then whiped the sweaty hair out of her face. She found a piece of paper and a small left-over of a pencil in her jacket pocket. She tore the paper apart and quickly scribbled two notes on each. On the first one she wrote:


                                                       I'm sorry, I didn't know where else to

                            bring them. Please take care of them.



On the other one she wrote:


                                                           Thank you for helping me, be careful who

                           you trust.


She folded the paper together and slid it inside the boys balled fist, scrambled back to her feet and knocked hard three times on the door. Then she ran up the steps and hid behind a bush just in time. The door flew open and Dominic looked out. He was wearing a cover-up expression which made him seem like he was totally normal and without concern. But even after all this time Lucy could see behind the facade in which he looked almost sad. Lucy wondered if his wife had left him or if she had died or something after two days because she realised she didn't like him all that much after all. Dominic found the note she had left and ripped it off.

'Great!' He muttered sarcastically are these now Ravager members or something and she brings them here,' he picked them up and the door fell shut behind him. Lucy tasted blood and realised she had been biting her lip. She felt incredibly weak and remembered that she still had an open wound under her colar bone. Something hard and firm was drying on her back. Lucy reached under her shirt and managed to find something still liquid and pulled her hand back out. Scarlet liquid shimmered on the tips of her fingers. The stake must have reached all the way through her. Lucy ripped some of her shirt off and tied it around under herarmpit and over her shoulder to slow the bleeding and limped back to the portal where she fell into the office and lost concioussness.

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