Next Door~C.H

"This time the neighbors next door we trying my patience..what's all that noise anyway???"
I woman up to finally see what it is
I knock on the door with a tall blonde Boy with blue eyes.
" may I help you?" He asks
I stand there in silence...


5. Chapter 4


I finally calmed down, after my story sesh with Calum, I was hesitant to call him back..should I tell him all of it? I pick up my phone dialing his number but I put it down.

I need a day to myself, so I spent all day without socialization, until I get a call from cal.

I answer it

K- hello?

C- you never called back.

K- I'm sorry I just need a day to myself but I'm happy to talk

C- you had me scared...are you comfortable telling the rest?

K- ...sure, come over.

C- k I'll be over in 2

Moments after I get a knock on the door, typical Calum.



He plops onto the couch in the same spot he was sitting in before.

"Continue?" I nod.

"Ok well since he didn't let me go to school, I would have to..give myself to him, I couldn't stop it, he wouldn't let me go until he was finished, I had to dress up in skimpy outfits and wear makeup.."Your my bitch." He would say, it was horrible..I thought my life was going to be like this forever..until I had the courage to sneak and run far away. I never wanted to see him again." Wow I cant believe I shared it with him. He must hate me now, he's gonna look at me as if I'm a slut or some prostitute.

"Wow, you've been through so much." He blinks a couple of times

"I know what your gonna say, that I'm a stupid young girl that thought she was finding love, go ahead say it I'm used to it."

"No! No..I'd never say anything like that to you...Kingston your a very special girl with a heart of gold, you should know that." He scoots up closer to me

"It's just that ever since that day I left, I thought I was free, but theirs still grief, and anxiety, and depression, but I hide behind a smile..I'm not okay inside...can't you see?" I whimpering and drowning in my own tears "I know crying isn't gonna help anything but I'm hurting inside."

"Trust me kin, you've gotten so far, if you weren't strong and determined enough, you would've killed your self." He pulls me into a hug "it's okay just let it all out ok?"


Wow, I wrote this

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