Carry on my wayward daugter

Once I lived a normal life, that was until these two guys showed up at my doorstep in a Impala.
Then my life just started to go south from there on.
Like now I have to deal with demons, Angels and pretty much anything else I never would believe had exited.
stuck with a sassy guy, rapunzel and a what i think is a gay angel in a trenchcoat. life can't get better than this


2. The Monster at the End of This Book

I look irritated on my clothes mom has packed.
What in the world did she think we were going to do? I think looking at all the skirts, dresses and colorful clothes. I can't even recognize most of the clothes, I know she always have had this dream about me being more feminine, but this is just not clothes that’s good to be on the run. I look at the five pair of shoes to.
At least she was more reasonable about that. She has packed my military boots, some sneakers, trainers, ballerina and high heels? I look at dean that stands in a suit about to but a long black coat on. ,, I can’t wear this” I groan and show him the clothes. 
He looks shortly before picking up a blue summer dress with butterfly sleeves.
,, wear this, we don’t have any fake ID yet for you. Bobby is making some for you right now” I shortly think of this bobby guy, he was the one they called about the ghost sickness when they heard Lilith was in town and we had to move. And now he is making me fake ID..
I go out to the bathroom and change, I put my black hair up in a ponytail and put one the black ballerina shoes and walk out to the guys.
Sam sends me an approving look and dean just grunts hurrying us along.
I walk into the comic store before them and try to look like I'm interested in what I'm holding while trying to hear what they are talking about.
,, noticed anything strange in the building the last couple of days?” Sam ask looking at the guy with glasses,, like what?” he reply nonchalant.
They begin to ask about fluttering light, noises and cold spot.
God they sound really dumb when you think about they have to act like FBI I think looking trough the comedy book with someone named Dr strange.
,, I knew it!” I hear the guy shout, I startled look over at them seeing dean and Sam looking confused to,, you guys a larping aren't you?” 
,, excuse me?” Dean say looking rather confused, what the hell is larping I think moving a little bit closer to hear what they are talking about. It some kind of role-play and he thinks dean and Sam are doing it. ,, you’re asking question like if the building his hunted. Like those guys from the books”
they look more and more confused by the minute. ,, what are the called…supernatural! Two guys use fake id’s with rock aliases, hunting down ghosts, demons, vampires. What are their names… arh Steve and dirk? Sal and bean?” he mumbles trying to get the names right.
You gotta be kidding me.
,, Sam and Dean?” Sam asked looking at dean for an explanation.
,, that’s it!” the guy spurt and points at them satisfied.
Omg have they made a book about themselves? Who the hell does that? Okay money is probably not that good but come on.
A freaking book?
,, books! It was a series. Didn’t sell a lot of copies tough, kinda had a more underground cult following” he sighed looking kind of disappointed.
Suddenly he jump up coming towards me, I move out of the way looking at dean with a what the fuck face before moving away enough to not look suspicious. He looks in a pile of books with the price tack bargain bin finding a thick book with the words supernatural and two buff guys on the front. Should that look like them? Okay I haven't seen them without clothes but that is exaggeration.
Dean reads up about a woman in white luring men to their deaths by Carver Edlund. They look at the book confused and Sam says,, we gonna need all of the copies of supernatural you got”

I have read a couple of the books with dean that growls over it apparently are completely true.
All the way down to the sex parts I skipped elegantly.
Have they really been through all this? Losing their mother, ghost’s ships, and wendigos.
Losing their dad and Sams girlfriend Jessica.
I begin to feel kinda sorry for them, it can’t have been easy going through all of this, and I haven't even read it all. I'm sitting reading the one about when they meet a vampire the first time horrified over that they actually exist, when I hear Dean say ,, there are Sam girl and dean girl. What a slash fan?” Dean asked furrowing his eyebrows confused scrolling down.
I begin to laugh hysterically, omg this is amazing.
,,slash is like.. as in Sam and Dean together together” I say smirking making kissing sounds.
Dean look horrified at me and then Sam ,, they do know that we’re brothers right?”
,, doesn't seem to matter” Sam mumbles looking like dean.
Dean looks like he want to hurl and shot the computer down, looking determined to find this Carver guy. Sam tells him that he doesn't exist that he is a false name.
,, somebody got to know who he is” dean says starting the computer again looking for the publisher, he sees me with one of the books and almost run over to me and snatch it out of my hands. ,, hey I read that” I complained trying to get the book back, he shakes his head telling me that I should not read this crap and pick up all the books and put it beside him on the counter.
I pout disappointed and lay down leaving the guys to find this Carver Edlund. How in the world would a guy know all this? Does he also know about me? I'm with the guys now, and since he knows everything about them almost all the way down to the brand of underwear they wear is it a high possibility. I fickle with the necklace of the pentagram Sam gave me in the first motel after I had argued highly with dean about me not getting a tattoo as a 17 year old. I'm dead afraid of needles, rather have a demon take a trip in my body than get poked with one.
I pull down the dress that have crawled up and look over at Sam and dean.
In the books they sound so heroic, saving people.
Maybe they aren't so bad, the only reason that I kinda want to choke them in their sleep is because they had taken me away from home. And even that was to protect me.
Maybe I at least should try to be nice to them.
Or maybe not, when the guys decide to go to this publisher they decide to leave me alone in the motel room. I try to talk them into let me go with them but they think it is a good idea that a teen sees walking around town with two guys. I tell them that I would even play their sister but in the end I end up sitting on the bed watching crappy soap opera named days of our lives with a guy that look remarkable like smaller Dean with Sam hair.
When they finally step through the door I almost tackle them,, oh my god it's good you are back. It is totally boring to spend almost an entire day in this freaking room!” I say and let go of Sam.
They tell me what happened over a beer. Or they drank beer, once again I was given a coke.
,, she had one on her ass?” I laugh almost and almost get on my dress.
Dean nods smiling and Sam tells me where they can find this Chuck.
I convince them to take me with them.
When we stand outside his door we are all three not sure how we should tackle this.
Should we burst through the door command answers or should we ask nice?
We approach the door, we all trade some looks not quite sure we want to do this.
And I am not even written about in the books.
Dean rings the bell and we stand there all waiting to see who this Chuck guy is. Let’s just say what opened the door wasn’t quite what I had imagined it would be.
A middle aged man in striped robes opens the door.
,, you Chuck Shurley?”
,, the Chuck shurley that wrote the supernatural’s book” Sam says looking at him probably with the same face I make. He looks like it wasn’t a question he want to have and says evasively.
,, maybe, why?”
,, I'm Dean, this is Sam, and she is Mary. The Dean and Sam you have been written about” Dean snorts sending him eyes that’s clearly tells him what he think about that.
Chuck nods smiling and close the door in our heads.
We all share a look before Dean rings the doorbell again.
Don’t freaking tell me that is the guy that have written this, can you be more lame?
Chuck opens the door and give us an irritated expression ,, look uh.. I appreciate the enthusiasm, really I do... it's always nice to hear from my fans. But for you own good, I strongly suggest to get a life” he smiles and is about to close the door again when Dean stops the door.
,, see here is the thing. We have a life you have been using it to write you books” he snarls and force entrance, Sam and me quickly follows him into the house.
Chuck yells it isn’t funny, Dean gets mad and tell him damn straight it isn’t funny, Sam try to get them to calm down by saying they only want answers. Dean ask him if he's a hunter.
He chuckles and tell him that he's just a writer, Dean moves closer asking why he then know so much about demons, ghost and all the other crap that apparently exist.
Chuck still keeps thinking we just are some weird ass fans and Dean gets more and more angry by the minute and Sam try to explain who they are.
,, Sam and Dean are fictional characters! I made them up! They are not real!” he yells, I can't help but giggle and he shortly looks at me before Dean takes a hold of him and almost carry him down to the impala. He opens the trunk and pull up the rug showing all the pistols, blades, rock salt.
Damn if they ever got stopped by the police…
He ask if it's real and Dean tells him that it is all real, it's even real fake IDs.
,, I'm gonna hand it to you guys, you are really my number 1 fans, that’s awesome… so I think I have some posters in the house” Chuck says trying to get back to the house.
Damn he's a stubborn one I think looking at him trying to escape.
Dean close the trunk with a loud bang looking at him angry ,, Chuck stop!” Dean shout making Chuck sacred pleading for his life.
,, how much do you know?” I ask hoping he would say he also knows who I am and maybe can tell me something about why Lilith is after me. Sam ask about Lilith, the angels and the seals, Chuck look confused at him and ask him how he knows about that, cause that books haven't been published. He then ask if some Phil guy put them up to this.
I sigh loud leaning against the impala waiting for him to realize that this isn't something some guy have made up. That this is real. ,, well nice to meet yea, my name is Dean and this is my brother Sam. And that one is Mary hollows.” I wave smiling and see Chuck eyes widen looking almost scared at us. ,, the last name was never in the books. I never told anybody about that, I never even wrote that down”

I sit in the couch looking at Chuck that finally has realized that all this is real. Poor guy, he takes it even worse than me. He begins to talk about hallucination, and obviously he must be god.
I can't help but giggle, Sam sighs and tell him that he’s not a god, but he won't leave it alone. Thinking that when he writes thing they come to life.
That he has created the guys.
He begins to babble about him being a cruel god, about the things he put them trough, him killing their father, burned their mother alive and then again with Jessica. I can't believe it I think trying not to laugh, over the guys face that clearly tells that they almost are about done with his bullshit, trying to convince him that he has not created them.
They tell him that he's not a god, probably just psychic, but it easier for him to think he is a god than a simple psychic. ,, sure, sure you crazy one way or another, do you know who I am?” I ask and goes into the other in the kitchen.
,, yeah you are Mary hollows, I always wanted to write your story with the guys in, but it would be kinda weird when you wouldn’t be there anymore.
Or that’s what I taught” he admitted looking at me from head to toe.
And apparently I wasn’t the only one realizing he just gave me the elevator look.
,, back of cowboy, she's a minor, so eyes of the princess” Dean barks stepping in front of me like to save me from his look. I wouldn't call myself a minor, more like the girl that still likes Disney but can party like a villain.  ,, by the way have you been working on anything?” Dean ask still making sure I'm behind him.  

,, I'm sitting in a laundromat reading about myself sitting in a laundromat reading about myself. My head hurts.” Dean says looking at us confused over that this is actually happen, I swing my legs sitting next to Dean looking at Sam filling the washing machine.
,, there's gotta be something this guy not telling us” Sam says taking a pile of clothes. I look at him and ask him that what the hell it could be, we literally have it all on paper. ,, - he started having doubt about chuck telling the whole truth” Dean reads and look at Sam. Sam straight’s up look at Dean and say stop it. ,, stop it Sam said” Sam sends Dean a come on dude look and Dean looks at him and ask him to guess what he do next.
Sam rolls his shoulders and turn his back on us ,, Sam turns his back on Dean and Mary, his face brooding. I don’t know how this guys doing it but he's doing it. I can't see your face but that definitely you brooding shoulders” Dean says making Sam sigh, I look at the paper and giggle. ,, you just taught he was a dick” Dean snatch the paper and read if for himself.
Sam turns around shrugs his shoulders and say ,, the guy is good” Dean looks offended at him. Dean gets a call from chuck about something he saw, Dean and Sam decide to throw me of at the motel giving me some magazines probably thinking it will entertain me.
With nothing else to do, I decide to fold the new washed clothes, and try to avoid their underwear.
Many things I can do, but folds guys’ underwear is not one of them.
I use the entire time on searching after the books about the boys when suddenly I hear
,, hello Mary” I jump up from under the bed surprised and hit my head.
,, goddammit Castiel! Seriously can't you at least make some noise?”
,, that’s what I did, I said hello” he says and reach out to me helping me up from the floor.
,, so what is it you want? Do you wanna chatter about your boyfriend?”
,, I do not have a boyfriend, he's my superior” Castiel says looking at me with yeah nothing.
He's not that good with emotion.
Superior, he must think I'm talking about someone else.
,, I need to ask you not to get too close to that demon, it's dangerous.” He says with his serious voice still holding my hand. I look down at our hands and raise a eyebrow.
,, it hadn’t been my intention to be besties with her. But sure” a somehow relaxed face shows up and he's shoulder drop and a smile lures in his mouth. It's almost makes my knees weak.
But only almost, not only is he like a thousand times older than me, he's a angel.
I can't say it wouldn't be cool to say I have bedded a angel but I think I will survive.
,, soooo… are you hungry? I think there still is some pizza from yesterday” I ask moving towards the mini fridge to find some, I grab the pizza box and turn around to stand face to face with Castiel.
I get so surprised that I drop the pizza box not really sure what I should do.
His breath tickles on my cheek and I can feel the heat the oozes from his body.
Slowly he bends down grabbing the box.
,, you dropped this” he says handing it to me, I regurgitates clump down sitting in my throat and nod a thank you. I try to move past him without touching him, but we are standing so close that our shoulders still touches when I move towards the table. ,, thank you for the offer Mary. But I don’t eat. I must go, I have things to do” he says and disappear, I just stand there stunned not really used yet to all that shows up vanish shit demon and angels apparently find trilling.

When they guys come back they don’t say anything just pack our stuff moving us over to another motel called Toreador cause the Red apparently now is dangerous, on the way there Dean hands me a sandwich and tell me about what chuck told them about Lilith being in town and we have to move so she can't find us cause we can't get out of town, and ends it with saying
,,-so Sam is going to bang a demon”
I take a bite of the sandwich,, oh it is notti- wait what? Did Ruby finally get to you?”
,, I'm not gonna do it Dean” Sam sighs sending Dean a irritated look.
,, sure, and no it's not Ruby, he's already been down that road. It's Lilith” Dean says, Sams tells him to shut up and I look at them both. ,, Lilith the crazy maniac that will kill me? And is a CHILD? Sam are you pedophile?!” Sam tells me that she isn't that anymore and it's some bullshit because he would never do such a thing. He wants Lilith dead just as much as the rest of us.  I see Dean roll his eyes in the mirror clearly not believing him.
But hey he did Ruby, so can’t really blame him.
The rest of the way we don’t talk at all. While Dean and Sam put the things into the room I decide, with Dean angry attitude sends me off, to go over to the little shop on the other side and buy some things I need.  When I get back I bump into Dean that storm out of the room.
,, were going out” he say taking the bag I'm holding and throw it into the car before almost throwing me with it, he reached over me and put the seatbelt on me like he’s afraid I will argue about it. That’s maybe a good idea. ,, what about Sam?” I ask him when he jump into the car, he looks shortly at me before he smirks and say. ,, He's watching porn”

We sit awhile in silence before I say,, is it true that Sam has demon blood in his veins like I read in the book?” Dean gets a hard drawn on his mouth, before he looks shortly at me with serious eyes. ,, it's true, but that doesn't mean that he’s evil or anything Mary. He's Sammy alright?” I quickly nod, I don’t really care at this point what the guys are, or have done. Like Dean been to hell, Sam has demon blood in him. And I have a crazy demon on my tail for no reason I know off. It can't get much weirder than this. We get out of the car, and Dean check the door is locked. We decide to get me some new clothes so I actually have something else to wear than dresses and fancy clothes.
Suddenly we hear some noises and look over towards the car and see some guys trying to break in. ,, hey!” Dean yells beginning to walk towards them, I hear the car before seeing it and scream like a little girl when it hits Dean throwing him up in the air. Before he even hit the ground  I run over to him screaming his name, pleading god to let Dean still be alive,  but he doesn't react ,, omg omg is he alive?! I didn't see him!” I hear a woman yell while I'm taking his pulse while my own is pulsing like crazy of fear, I sigh relieved falling down on my ass when I feel it.  ,, goddammit Dean! Don’t give me a hard attack!” I sob feeling tears run down my chins of relief. I quickly wipe my tears away not wanting Dean to see them when he wakes up. The woman also takes his pulse and sigh relieved when she finds it, people gather around us talking about calling an ambulance while I just sit there holding his hand not sure what to do other than hold my thumb at his wrist making sure that his pulse doesn't fall. The lady that drove him down daughter came running over to us, in her tiny hands I see package and can't help but giggle when she begins putting pink flower bandages all over his face.
Soon after he begins to move, I quickly stand up on my knees looking worried down at him.
,, stars” he mumbles looking confused at the lady that drove him down. ,, I’m so sorry I didn't see you are you okay?” she asked worried, he try to get up, and I quickly help him sitting up by placing the hand I'm not holding his hand with, on his back. ,, I’m sorry about, you know…. My daughter is going through a doctor phase.” He ask her confused what she's talking about and the daughter smile and tell him he's all better now. ,, Dean are you okay?” I yelp worried not sure what to do to help him. He smile reassuring and look surprised down on our hands, I quickly let go tomato red in the face.  He then look towards the car and see it all banged. I was so worried about him I didn't even think about the car. We look at the smashed car with a despairing look.
Dean look at the window with a shock seeing all the bandages on his face, he looks at me for a explanation but I just smile not really sure what to say that I didn't really care about it.
Thank god, he seems fine I think and feel the tension wear off.
Dean finds something to put on the broken back window.
,, think on the bright side, you are alive?” I say cheering with a smile I know look as fake as my cheering tone. He glares at me mumbling about shooting those kids if he ever sees them.
I look carefully at Dean to make sure he doesn't pass out doing the drive, because that would be fatal for us both. He tell me to wait in the car when he stop it a block away from where Chuck lives and I am not stupid enough not to realize what he will do. Somehow Chuck knew this would happen and now Dean is scared over that Sam prophecy or what you would call it also happens.
I can't wait around, I'm tired of sitting on the bench not doing anything I think frustrated and take the door handle. ,, don’t do it Mary” I turn around and see Castiel sitting beside me looking straight ahead like I'm not even worthy of his look. ,, I got to help” I say and turn around to get out.
His hand quickly pull the door close again so I feel his breath against my ear while he almost lay over me to close the door.
He slowly pulls away and I turn around flushed and angry.
,, why are you like this Castiel?” I nag irritated, he looks at me with his blue eyes and tilt his head, before I can ask again he vanish.
Even though I want to get out, must he put some kind of spell or what angels do on the doors because I can't get out no matter how much I punch.
Dick with wings I think hysteric and decide to try the broken window to find it just as looked even though I have no idea about how that’s even possible.
I see Dean comes back to the car with a thunderous face making me shut up and not say anything about what just happened when he somehow can open the door and start the car.
,, Freaking angels, stupid prophet!” he swears and don’t even look at me the rest of the trip home. The only things he does is swearing and teaching me new curse words I didn't even know existed.
When we step out of the car I see Deans face turn pale looking at something behind me, I turn around and see some of the words on the board are turned off and there now is written red.
The word of the motel Lilith will show up on, he takes me by the arm and drags me into the room. ,, come on we are getting out of here” he says when we step into the room and begin walking around packing all of the stuff. I begin to help ignoring the guys conversation until I hear.
,, dude where are all the witch bags?” Dean almost hollered looking at Sam with furious eyes. Sam almost not dare to look at Dean when he tells him that he burned them,, wow wow wow, witch bags?” I muttered without them as much as looking my way to busy staring each other down. ,, - Chuck is not a psychic, he's a prophet” I look just as confused as Sam when Dean says that he is written the gospel of them. Wow what the hell is this kind of universe I have ended in?!
Prophets, angels, demons, ghost and witches?! What the hell happened to the worst thing that could happen was meatloaf day in school?!
I just stand there freaking out a little over the shit I have ended in, ignoring the bickering of the guys, hearing only a few words like Alastair and something’s I don’t know about that must have happened before they came to my house, until Dean takes me by the arm and drag me towards the door.  He turn around and look at Sam ,, are you coming or not?” Sam looks at him and says no, I can almost feel the agony that lights out of him with that one word.
That was not was he had hoped to hear.
He pushes me out of the door and smack it hard after us dragging me over to a vending machine clearly at a loss of what he should do. Leave Sam and get us the hell out of here.
Or stay and put all three of us in danger.
,, I feel stupid by doing this,  but I am out of options. Help please, I need some help. I'm praying okay? Come on! Please” I can clearly hear how hard it is for him and how he try to act  because I am standing there even though he looks like someone that could cry.
Before I can put my arms around him or what it was I was about to do we hear.
,, prayer is a sign of faith, this is a good thing Dean” we both look at Castiel that comes over to us.
,, does that mean you will help us?” I ask hopefully, not wanting anything to happen to Sam for Deans sake, but also because I have begin to like the big guy.
,, I'm not sure of what I can do” he says looking at us, Deans glimpse of hope he had in his eyes fade away. ,, drag Sam out of here now! And also take Mary to safety” I tell him that I will not leave him here all alone if it's true that this Lilith is as big as they say.
He ignore me and look at Castiel with pleading eyes. ,, it's a prophecy, I can't interferer. I can take Mary away but that’s the only thing I can do” he says while looking at me, I scream of that I will not go anywhere, and he can just try to make me and see what happens to his feathery ass. ,, - I have never asked for anything. Not a damn thing! But now I am asking…I need your help. Please” Dean look at Castiel with pleading eyes, I have never seen him so scared before. Not even when he saw the car coming towards him.
Sam does mean everything to him as they say in the books.
They begin to argue about what he can do and not do, and I decide to get back to Sam and try myself to get him to come. This is insane, not only will he die because of it. But he will drag the rest of us with him. I don’t even come near the door before Castiel pops out in front of me making me have to stop up so quickly so I almost crash to the ground because I tripped over my own feet’s.
,, I am sorry, but I have to do this” Castiel say and lean towards me with his fingers reaching for my forehead, I duck him and jump a couple of steps back. ,, hell no! Whatever you have in mind can you stick it up your ass! I'm not leaving them! They help me, the least I can do is doing the same” I yell angry looking at Castiel with my most evil glare I can manage.
,, and we thank you for that, but you need to get to safety” I hear Deans voice behind me, but before I can turn around he lays his arms around me holding me so tight I can't move.
I scream that he shall let me go. But he doesn't listen, Castiel comes over to us and I see him reach out towards be helplessly. I feel his fingers on my forehead and everything goes black.
The next thing I remember is waking up in the backseat in the impala, none of them says anything when they see I'm awake. And I'm too mad say anything to them that will not end with us all screaming at each other. I'm just glad that they both are alive, the yelling can wait till another day when we all not are so piss that we could end up shooting each other.

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