Carry on my wayward daugter

Once I lived a normal life, that was until these two guys showed up at my doorstep in a Impala.
Then my life just started to go south from there on.
Like now I have to deal with demons, Angels and pretty much anything else I never would believe had exited.
stuck with a sassy guy, rapunzel and a what i think is a gay angel in a trenchcoat. life can't get better than this


9. Flashback

when dad goes back to the house to check again the house was on fire and burned to the ground. so there was no luck finding anything at all.
all day me and Sam try to get her to eat something, but she isn't very fond of that stuff that was in the bag. ,, what is her name Dean? we can't call her ‘girl’ all the time” Sam ask while jumping her on his leg making her giggle loud. that is indeed a very good question.
i look in the bag trying to find a clue about what she's called but find none.
,, i don't know Sammy” I say throwing the back away frustrated
,, why don't we name her?”
,, fine, what should she be called?” I ask smiling and taking her from him.
,, Mary, like mom” I almost drop her and look at Sam, but he just smile at her and handing her the teddy bear she's trying to reach.
1 year later.
,, bean bean!” I look towards the bed where Mary lay giggling moving around while Sam tries to put a diaper on her. ,, no Mary, my name is Sam” he mutters trying to close the diaper “ Saaaam” he draws it out with a victorious smile when he finally close it.
,, Amy” she giggles looking at him with her big green eyes glowing of laughter.
,, that’s right, baby, he's Amy” I laugh coming over to take her from Sammy.
,, was it you that learned her that?!” he grunts clearly irrigated over the nickname she gave him.
I just smirk at him before moving over to the refrigerator to find her something to eat.
two year old and growing fast, or at least we think she is around the two.
I find some yogurt, and but her in the high chair to find a spoon, but she begins to fuss when I move away from her ,, Dean, I think she is in love with you” Sam grins.
,, well all ladies are” I smile sitting down “ right babe?”
she smiles a adorable little smile before opening her mouth. ,, clearly she has a bad taste in men”
,, bean!” she giggles taking a hold of my hand, I grin letting her hold on while I feed her the rest of the yogurt. ,, Dean Mary, my name is Dean” I smile wiping the yogurt of her chin.
,, bean!” she insist pouting. 
,, fine, I'm bean” I sigh, but can help but laugh when she lights up like a star.
I take her up from her chair and immediately she takes a hold of my necklace as always. what is it with this thing she is so interested in? I wonder getting rocking her on my hip while making sure Sam also get something to eat. dad is almost never home anymore, leaving me with Mary and Sam.
it was hard with only Sam, but a little girl needing constant care it have definitely become harder.
Especially because she screams bloody murder every time I leave for a case.
suddenly the doorbell rings, I hand her over to Sammy and reach for my gun before heading over to the door, I look out the peephole and see a woman standing there. with a pistol pressed towards the door I open it. she smiles sweetly at me,, hi dear, my name is Gabriella, I heard her fussing a lot this night and was wondering if you guys needed any help with her?” I look at her, trying to figure out what she is. but the only wipe I get is old lady. I smile at her and thank her for her consideration but we will survive “ well let me at least give you this” she hands me a bag and I look down seeing all kind of toys. I look surprised at her and she smiles awkward.
,, kiddo, I know when you goes from place to place like you must do, you can't have much, and a child need stuff. I have had my fair share of kids over the years to know what I am talking about” she smiles clapping my hand before turning around and walk off. not completely sure what just happened I close the door and look at Sammy and Mary sitting there, Mary smiling, reaching out for me.

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