He is perfect to me

Hi I am Angel Azzalina I'm 16 and I lived in Brandon Florida but my dad remarried so guess what I'm move to Sydney Australia and I'm gonna have a step brother. Let's just hope school will be a little easier for me in Australia.


5. lifeless

Calum's pov:

The girl that is walking up to me I have seen her before....but where? I was torn out of my thoughts when she said "uhh.....is uh....is Ashton ok?". I said "honestly I'm not sure.....I'm scared....but why do you care?" "Because I do Ashton is nice and I wanna make sure he is ok". A small smile spread across my face. Someone cares about him....not just some one a beautiful nice girl cares about him...this is amazing. "Do you want to go with me to check on him?" I said. She nodded her head. I opened the door for her and she got in. I got in and drove off.

Angel's pov:

The car ride was nice. Calum was nice. We had so much in common and his accent I could just listen to it all day. The way words fall off of his lips.....ok I'm gonna shut up now. We pulled up in Ashton's driveway. Calum got out and so did I. Something Calum said in the car was eating away at me. He was bullied. Ashton was bullied....how could you hate Ashton he is so sweet and giggly and adorable.

Ash's pov:

I'm about to do it....this is it....I left a note for my mum and Lauren and Harry. They won't miss me I'm useless no one will miss me. I was crying. the words everyone says to me running through my head. I heard a car pull up. I have to go before my mum gets up here! Stands up on a chair. I'm about to step off when the door flys open and I see Calum and a small figure behind him.

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