He is perfect to me

Hi I am Angel Azzalina I'm 16 and I lived in Brandon Florida but my dad remarried so guess what I'm move to Sydney Australia and I'm gonna have a step brother. Let's just hope school will be a little easier for me in Australia.


2. Goodbye

Angel's pov:

I walked out of my house with my last bag I saw my best friend McKenna crying I said " McK it's ok I will come back and visit and you can always come to Australia" she just stayed there and cried. I hugged her tears welling up in my eyes. "Goodbye" SE sniffled and said "goodbye" and broke out into tears again. We hugged on last time and I got in the car and headed to the air port.

Ash's pov:

I walked down the halls and heard people saying things like "freak" "worthless no good scum" " kill you self" I walked out of school not care ing that I still had class I just needed to get out of there. I walked to my house and walked to the only place where I could take away my pain. I sat in the bathroom flirt and grabbed my blade. 1 cut. 2 cuts. 3 cuts. I kept cutting until i had 6 on each wrist. I cleans them and flopped on my bed. I thought out loud " why am I even still here no one cares about me. No one would notice if I was gone. Should I just end it here." I decided that tomorrow was it tomorrow was my last day. I was going to take away all of my pain I was finally going to be happy. I heard my phone ring. I saw it was my only mate and we weren't even that close we met a few months ago but he is the only person that will talk to me but he doesn't know about my cutting and he doesn't go to my school he did but he dropped out his name is Calum. I answered my phone. "Hello" "Hey ash what's up" "nothing I'm just laying in my bed" "I'm coming over see you in a few" and with that he hung up. He always does that but I don't mind I mean at least he wants to spend time with me right.

Angel's pov:

I got off the plane and grabbed my bags and got in the taxi. My dad gave the driver the address and he drove off. 10 minuets later we pulled up in the drive way and I got out. I saw this cute boy walking down the street. He had dark drown hair and tan skin and some tattoos on his arms and 2 on his collar bone. Can I say he was pretty hot. I saw I'm look at me fire a second and then he just kept walking he walked up the the house that was right next to mine and walked in. The look he gave me was weird he wasn't checking me out...what was he looking at me like that for. I brushed it off and grabbed my bags and walked to the door. My dad knocked and a lady opened the door and said "Scott honey" she kissed him. EW! Then she turned to me "hi darling you must be Angel I have heard a lot about you.Im Mary." I slapped on a fake smile and said " Nice to met you Mary" she grabbed a boys hand and pulled him to the door he was a tall boy but he looked around my age. She said "Angel this is my son Brice he is you age and he will be showing you around school tomorrow." I gave him a fake smile. He showed me up to my room. I thought I was alone until I felt Brice wrap his arms around me and say "To bad we are steps siblings we would make a great couple." I felt his hand move to my butt and I tried to squirm out of his grip but he was too strong. I heard Mary yell "Time for dinner" I took a sigh of relief when Brice let go. I waited for him to walk out and I just slammed the door and locked it. I said to my self "I'm not that hungry anyways".

Ashton's pov:

I heard the kiwi lad walk up the stairs and into my room. He said "hey ash how is it going" I shrugged my shoulder. He said"you ok mate" "yep I'm fine....wanna play video games?" "Yeah sure just let me go to the bathroom" I watched him walk into my bathroom and shut the door. Next thing I know i hear "OH MY GOD ASHTON!!" Crap.

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