Anaxamoon ruler of the Eternal Linx a world of angels and gods. Separated sections into groups of powers. A war and death separate Anaxamoon from her lover only to be reincarnated into earth differently. Will her lover find her again? will she rule again?


1. Eternal Linx

In the heavens way above a world called Eternal Linx exist. The world contains angels and gods. But they all have separate sections and peace that hold the Eternal Linx together. The sections are royalty, knights, priests, warriors, and punishers.

The royalty, of course, is the ones that hold their powers in their crowns and they rule every section. The knights are metal shield protector fighters. If they find a loose soul wandering around they would send them to the punishers. Priests are pure angels with velvet silk healing powers. They try to heal sad souls. The warriors are fighters the winners, ambitious angels. They fight all the Eternal Linx's wars. 

Some fallen angels tend to return with vengeance and hatred. And lastly, the punishers are dark powerful angels. They take all the bad souls to punish them. Their power is contained in their masks. But in the ranking of sections, the lowest in power is the punishers.

Of course, royalty always takes over. But in Eternal Linx lives a princess called Anaxamoon who feels trapped all the time. She's a royalty angel she can visit all the sections whenever she pleases. She also goes every day to the warriors section, since she wants to be like her mother Falene the queen. Her mother married a royalty angel king Anolox. Anaxamoon's father the strict man with long blonde hair and with bushy eyebrows. But one-day Anaxamoon was dared  to walk into the section of the punishers by the young warriors section. They are a very scary section no one would dare enter the punishers section. But she has the greatest courage ever but she did not know to enter you would have to walk across steaming hot liquid blazing lava. Almost falling over for her death a black beautiful haired stranger catches her at the end saving her life.

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