snigger's story

sniggers story is written in a poem


1. sniggers story

I was four years old

Before i was told

That i was to be sold 

to a wicked man.

i didn't understand then

cos i was ignorant

and didn't really think.


My ma said she'll see me soon

As i watched the stars and the silver moon

Cast its glimmer over the night

Everything felt just right.

Then i saw him

old and cruel

walking up to me.

Pa gave him some notes and pennies

and the man grabbed my shoulder

it hurt


He forced me up the chimmeny

i climbed and clambered upwards

choking in soot and slipping and sliding

an ecstacy of death that laughed and taunted

he lit the fire beneath me

the heat stung my soles

i was only 6

he wouldn't listen

when i protested against his wicked tricks

death tenderly caressed me

its cold dark lips kissed me

and all i could do was take it

cos death was all i had... 

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