"Oh no I see
A spider web it's tangled up with me
And I lost my head
The thought of all the stupid things I said
Oh no what's this
A spider web and I'm caught in the middle
So I turned to run
The thought of all the stupid things I've done
And oh I never meant to cause you trouble
And oh and I never meant to do you wrong
And oh well if I ever caused you trouble
Oh no I never meant to do you harm"
-Trouble by Coldplay-

It's their first year at Hogwarts and both Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy are excited to experience this new chapter of their life. What they didn't expect is to become the best of friends with their expected enemy.


6. Chapter Six

Hermione’s P.O.V.

It was now the end of November, meaning that Draco’s month of punishments was over, and I could finally hang out with him again. I spotted him at breakfast that Sunday morning, and I looked over at him and smiled. He didn’t smile back though. Surely he would be happy to see me again.


I finished my breakfast before Draco did, so I decided to hang around the Great Hall doors while I waited for him to come out. Ron and Harry had already gone back to the common room - I insisted that they went without me, saying that I was going to the library for a bit. Which hopefully I would be, preferably not on my own.


I waited for around 15 minutes before Draco finally walked out of the Great Hall, Parkinson, Goyle and Crabbe following him. He spotted me out of the corner of his eye. I didn’t dare go over to him, I knew his vile Slytherin friends would throw all sorts of abuse at me.


He made his way over slowly, but walked straight past me, heading in the direction of the library. So I followed him, in complete silence, until we had reached the library. I closed the door behind me, before going over to our usual quiet spot; his face looked rather grave.


“Draco,” I sighed, smiling at him. “How are you?”


“Fine, considering I just spent a month isolated for defending a Mudblood.” He spat at me.


I looked at him, shocked.


“Wh...What did… You just called me…” I stuttered.


“A Mudblood? Yes, of course. You’re all just scum… trying to ruin everyone’s lives. We can’t be friends, Granger. Our kinds just shouldn’t mix.”


He stood up to leave, but I stood up just as quickly and grabbed his arm.


“Draco, please. I thought you didn’t believe in all of this. I thought you didn’t care what other people thought.”


“I didn’t… until I saw that they were right . I should’ve listened to my friends and family all along.”


He didn’t give me a chance to respond before he pulled his arm away from my grasp and hurried out of the library without looking back at me.


I sat there alone for a while, not noticing that I had actually started to cry. It wasn’t until Harry and Ron slid into the seats opposite me, homework in their hands.


“What’s wrong, Hermione?” Harry asked, as I wiped away the tears.


“Nothing, I’m fine.” I lied, trying to smile, though rather fake.


“Then you’d do our Potions homework for us?” Ron asked.


“You haven’t even started yet!?” I exclaimed, grabbing their parchment from them. “But it’s due tomorrow morning!”


And so I distracted myself for the rest of the day with homework - although I would usually be doing this with Draco.


Draco’s P.O.V.

I wish I hadn’t ended my friendship with Hermione like that. She was always a great friend to me. But I couldn’t risk ruining my reputation anymore. It was best for both of us. But I don’t think I was handling my misery enough the next day.


People stared at me a lot during the day, especially at meal times, and teachers must have noticed it during lessons, as Professor Snape called me to his office after dinner.


“Close the door behind you,” He said quietly as I walked into his cold, dark office.


He didn’t say anything for a while. He sat there marking essays while I stood awkwardly by the door. After a couple of minutes he pointed quickly at the chair on the opposite side of his desk and I hurried to sit down. He eventually cleared away his desk, and put his quill in the top drawer of his desk.


“What’s your problem, Malfoy?” Snape asked. “You’ve been miserable all day. Quiet. Not answering back. Something has happened.”


“Nothing has.” I lied. “I’m fine.”


“Don’t lie Malfoy.” Snape snarled at me. “I can read you like a book. Are you upset now all your detentions are over?”


“Of course not.” I laughed at him. “It’s Granger.”


“Your little Muggle-born girlfriend? Did she dump you?”


“We weren’t even going out! No, I told her we couldn’t be friends anymore.”


“Why? You two were such good friends!”


“We were. Not anymore.”


“Did you forget about what we spoke about....?”


“No, sir. I heard you loud and clear.”


“If this is about what happened with Zabini, then I told you, it’s all forgotten about now…”


“I’m a joke, Snape.” I snarled at him, slamming my hands down on the table. “I attacked a fellow student, and no one knows why. So everyone just thinks I’m a bully. Oh but of course my parents know the truth about all of it. Father is extremely disappointed, as expected. Not that I attacked another student, but because it was over a Mudblood…!”


“Silence! I will not have that word mentioned in this room!” He got up, and walked over towards me, putting his hands on my shoulders so I would sit down again.


“I thought you were better than this, Malfoy, I really did.” Professor Snape said with a much quieter volume now. “But it turns out you really are just a coward…”


“I am not a coward!” I snapped.


“Of course you are! Giving up true friendship because you’re worried about what other people would think.”


“My father…”


“Your father is the joke, Malfoy, not you. He won’t do anything to you. Why would he want anything to happen to his only child? No, what he’d do is cover it all up. Make sure no one ever mentioned it again. Now, I want you to get out of my sight, and go and apologise to Miss Granger. Now!”

He motioned quickly to the door and I basically ran out of his office as he slammed the door behind me.


I knew where Hermione would be, and I knew I had to get to her quickly, before she hated me even more. So, ignoring the teachers and portraits telling me not to, I ran through the corridors, along to the library. I burst through the doors and headed straight to our usual spot, where I found Hermione sat all alone, Transfiguration book sat open in front of her.


“Hermione, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean anything I said yesterday. Please…” I said hurriedly, without breathing, before Hermione cut me off.


“Save it, Malfoy.” She said, looking me in the eyes, barely smiling. “You’ve proved to be exactly as horrible as everyone thinks you are. Go to hell!”

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