Jem and Tessa fanfiction after the infernal device epilogue.
Collection of cute little short stories.


2. Babysitting for Magnus







Jem was sitting on the floor playing the old pieces. Songs his father taught him. Pieces so great that only a few people could play it and even less to do it perfectly. Jem heard the door open but didn't stop, until the last note faded into silence. Finally turning to find a smiling Tessa standing in the kitchen.

Tessa had a nice apartment in LA, situated above a book shop she also owned, but unlike the houses in New York or London, this was not a place that belonged to the both of them. It only belonged to Tessa. Her own little santuary where she could be herself. 

She was standing there in shorts and crop top. With a bag slung over her back and a small holding bag. He frowned at the whole get-up. As far as he know, they weren't going anywhere and neither had Tessa given any information as where she would possibly go. He was soon pulled from his thoughts by startling cry of a baby. 

It took Jem by surprise.

" Is there a baby inside that thing?" he asked.

" Yes." she said.

Jem tried to play through the possible reasons of why Tessa had brought home a baby without informing him. He looked at Tessa again and she was standing there grinning. Jem certainly smelled something fishy.

" Did you pick up the baby at sale?" He asked " Were they on special?"

At that Tessa couldn't control her laughter. " I think it's quite illegal to buy babies from a shop, even if they are on special." She said. " The baby belongs Magnus and Alec but neither of them know what to do with a baby. It's all very new to them. They need a break, time to relax." she shrugged.

"So, you stole there baby, Didn't you?" he asked.

" Borrowed with permission." She corrected.

He put down the violin and came over to look at the stolen baby to have a better view. Inside it was a very blue baby with pointed ears. It was a boy with a half-curled fist. He was fast asleep.

He had never seen a warlock baby before. He did know that Magnus has found a warlock infant and had decide to nurture as it own. Jem hadn't thought about it before but seeing the child now felt a little strange to him. Never in his 137 years of being a Silent brother has he ever seen a warlock baby before. He had never imagined warlocks as babies before. He tried to picture Magnus or Catrina as babies but it proved a difficult task. It was as if warlocks were supposed to pictured as adults and not as babies.

It seemed quite impossible to be honest.

" What's his name?" He asked still staring at him.

" Max Lightwood." She said. Max Lightwood.... it rang a bell in jem's mind but he couldn't place the name.

" Max Lightwood..... wasn't it the name of youngest-"

" Lightwood. He died in the cold war by the hands of Valentine." She growled. Before she could say anything else the baby woke up. Tessa's expression softened. She went towards the baby and carefully took the boy out. 


Before Jem he was  jumping around the house like crazy. Trying to please the Baby who was crying like anything for the last half hour. He had tried everything. Jem loved kids but right now he was having a doubt. Tessa recieved a urgent call and had to leave and she wouldn't be before 3 more hours.

3 hours with a kid who was crying like crazy. He couldn't help but feel betrayed. Tessa left him all alone to defend himself against a 10 pounds of blue flesh with a mouth. It was too much to fight. 

Jem did all kinds of things to please the baby and right now he was doing a booty shake to please the baby. He felt his dignity leaving him but he had no choice. Before Jem could do anything else he slipped and landed on the ground face-first. Jem didn't want to leave the floor. He wanted warm hugs and it seemed floor was the only one there to fulfill his wish. He was cradling the floor. He was cradling his true love.  He was................

He was totally crazy. Jem lost his mind. He was contemplating ways to fake his death, when he was interrupted again by the crying of that god-awful baby. Jem couldn't take it anymore. He got from his place on the floor with determination in his eyes and walked towards the baby with fierceness in his eyes.

" I don't like you and it is clear that  you don't like me either. So, why don't you cut the shit and stop crying. What do you want? You want food? Toys? What? I have been doing things for you I never imagined doing. Even my parabatai couldn't make me do things that I am now doing and trust me he was one convincing bastard. I hate you and I hate this bloody world."

Jem  admitted he was expecting a more serious reaction. He said all those things to make the baby cry. But the baby was defying all laws of nature. The baby was laughing hysterically at his outburst. Jem lost all his strength and plopped down beside the couch on which the baby was lying and he almost sobbed.

" Couldn't you have laughed a little sooner." Jem said with his face in his hands.

" Convincing Bastard?" A voice laughed from the doorway. Jem looked up to find Tessa standing in the doorway with her hands acrossed chest. 

" Well he was." 

" Oh, I agree." Tessa said with a smile. Jem was about to say something when a thought crossed his mind and he asked.

" Um... Tessa for how long were you standing there?" He asked color rising to his face.

" Oh, Don't worry I didn't saw you giving hugs to the floor and I sure as hell didn't see you doing a booty shake. But I must say it was a rather beautiful booty shake."

Jem could die of embarrassment.

But, Tessa ignored him as she went for the baby and sang him a lullaby and in no time the baby was fast asleep and snoring. 

It set Jem on edge.

" What? I have been dragging my ass non-stop and that's it. You just sang him a lullaby and he is out cold." He bellowed. Tessa came and smacked him on the lips.

" Keep your voice down. You worthless creature." She hissed. 

Jem's face fell. 

" Worthless creature?" Jem asked in a small voice.

" Now, Jem you know I didn't mean it." She said in a soft voice while taking tentative steps towards him and warping her hands around his torso and lifted his chin to make him look into her eyes.

Jem found himself lost in the intensity of those eyes. Before, he knew it they were sitting on the couch and then he kissed her.Her mouth was soft and warm, and he bit back a groan. His body went still—his entire world went still—at that whisper of a kiss.

" I have now officially walked up on everyone shadowhunter in the world." Magnus said lazily from the door frame. While Alec stood beside him looking quite uncomfortable.

" Well, it seems that magic is not the trick up your selves. Now is it Magnus?" Tessa said hardly acknowledging the presence of his century year old.

" It is not but do remind not to leave my son with you again. I don't want him to go into adultery so soon." Magnus said.

" Well, if my memory serves me right. I clearly remember that lovelace boy telling me that you were making out when you found him." 

Jem who had taken Alec for a drink now wished he hadn't because as soon as words left Tessa's mouth. Alec had spit out his drink and unfortunately he did it on Jem.

He was cleary pissed.

" Well, We will be leaving now for I can feel that I will not be respected anymore." Magnus said as he gathered the peacefully sleeping Max into his arms.

" Well, don't make me say that you are right about something." Tessa said with a lazy smile.

Magnus simply left with Alec without saying another word.

When Jem came out after cleaning himself he looked at Tessa lazily sitting on the couch. Waiting for him.

" You just pissed a 400-year-old Warlock. You do know the consequences of it right?" He asked.

" Well, what can I say. People call me a rebel for nothing," She smiled.

Jem couldn't remember why he was angry before. That smile made me forget everything.









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