When I told her... [C.H]

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  • Published: 24 Jul 2016
  • Updated: 29 Aug 2016
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And now I stand here, looking into her beautiful green eyes... Her long brown and green hair is bit messed up, but in a way I like. She looks at the sunset. I turn her face towards me with my two fingers. She finally looks at me... I can't anymore... These feelings won't go away I need to tell her... Because I am sure... ''I love you...''


2. I



''Calum honey, please come here!'' Mom called me from downstairs. ''Yes mom!'' I put my toy car down to the floor and run downstairs. ''What is it mom?'' I run in to kitchen and I stop instantly, when I see this beautiful girl. She has long brown hair and green eyes. I haven't seen anyone so beautiful in my life... ''Calum this is Kylie. Our neighbours ms and mr Jones adopted her.'' Mom said with smile on her face. ''Hello there Calum, I haven't seen you since was your 9th birthday.'' ms Jones says and I smile to her. Then I turn to Kylie and say ''Hey!'' and blush little bit. ''Hey'' She says with her hands in pockets of her jacket. ''You two should go play outside.'' Mom suggests ''It's so nice that they are in same age, they can play together.'' Mom smiles to ms and mr Jones. Mom and ms Jones have been best friends since... well forever. And then they start talking about grown up stuff. We went to outside to play, we became friends. And since that day we did almost every day something. She was wild, exciting and she got me always in trouble... But we kinda drifted apart. And when we were in 9th grade we didn't even say hello to to each other. She got popular she got a boyfriend (the captain of our footboll team and if you ask me total pain in the ass.) And I well.. I have good friends and we are kinda popular too. My best friends are Michael, Luke and Ashton... But yeah.... 




Calum's POV


''Calum are you even listening?!'' One of the boys trying to get my attention. It was Michael. And I understand that we are in cafeteria and I was thinking about Kylie... Again... ''Were you dreaming about Kylie again?'' Luke ask me with little grin. ''What?! No!'' And the boys all lift a brow as I am trying my best not to tell them about my little ''flashback''... ''C'mon mate, you were looking at her and drooled little bit.'' Ash told me and winked. The other boys agree. I turned red and then I feel Kylie watching me and when I look at her she looks quickly the other way. ''It's just, theres many girls who died to be with you and you only want the girl who hasn't talk to you since we were on 8th grade... Yes she is sexy and beautiful, but she has boyfriend already and she is.. well she.'' Michael is trying to change my mind about her. ''I know what I am doing.'' I say before some girl come to sit with us. And ofcourse Amber comes to sit next to me... the girl who has been obsessed about me since 7th grade. ''Aww, you saved me a seat next to you, you are so sweet!'' She say it as loud as she can. ''No I didn't...'' I say bit confused ''You are being just your crazy obsessed self as always.'' ''Why are you doing this to me? You know that I would to anything for you Cal...'' She whispers to my ear. Not creepy at all... I stand up and walk away and the boys follow. ''What she told you?'' Luke asked curiously. ''Nothing unusual, creepy like always...'' I told him before his girlfriend came and hugged him. ''Hey Em.'' Me, Michael and Ashton say at the same time. Emily aka Em has been Lukes girlfriend for two years. She has long dark hair and brown eyes. She is sporty kind of girl and she always smiles. I literally don't know anyone else who smile as much as she. And is one of Kylies best friends... Not that matters. ''Hey boys! So Luke is our date still on?'' ''Ofcourse, I will pick you up at 8.'' He tell her and kisses her cheek. ''By the way, how's Kylie?'' I ask curiously. ''Why don't you ask yourself?'' She smiles and points to Kylie. I am pretty sure that Luke has told her about my ''crush''. ''Kylie here'' ''Sup?'' She walks toarts us with her boyfriend. ''H-hey, ho-how are you?'' I smile awkwardly.





Kylie's POV


''H-hey, ho-how are you?'' Calum asks me awkwardly. I give him a smirk. ''I am fine, I guess. You?'' He just smile as answer. Wow this is fucking awkward...  ''Okey, I have to go, it was... nice to talk to you? I didn't know what to say or do, what is really unusual to me. I and Derek aka my boyfriend walked away.''So who that dork was?'' I sigh as he ask me that ''He' s just a guy who I used to know when I was little and he's not a dork!''  ''Okey, okey, so do you want to come to my place tonight to do have some fun, if you know what I mean.'' Derek winks at me. Yay, let's go have sex at youre basement. He isn't even that good at it as he thinks... ''Sorry, I can't. I promised my sis that I will help her with something.'' Ally, my sweet little sis. She is one person I really care about, of course I care about my parents too. My parents adopt her when I was thirteen. She was seven years old then and now I am seventeen and she is eleven. Even that we've been sisters only four years, she is the most important person in my life. 


When I got home, I started helping Ally with her math homework. She told me that she needs help with them so I promised that I will help her with it and so i did.    


''Honey, thank you for helping Ally with her homework.'' No problem.'' I smile to mom. She has very stressful job so she is usualy tired when she comes home, but thanks to that we live in beautiful house and me and Ally have pretty much anything we need. Dad has good job too, but he is never home because of it. ''It's pretty late Ally, time to sleep.'' I told her and kissed her forehead. ''Good night Kylie, love you.'' ''Good night Ally, love you too.'' I went to my room and listened quietly music. Then I got text from Julie. 


J: Hey, are u awake??

K: Yeah... its only 9:30. So whats up Jules?

J: PROMISE ME YOU WILL NOT BE ANGRY AT ME if i tell u something... 

K: Whats going on? 

J: Just promise

K: Ok, i promise

J: Olivia (one of my best friends) told me something about her and Derek...


''What the fucking shit!'' I can't belive it...



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