The Butler x Master Scandal

When Elizabeth hears some...(clears throat uncomfortably)rumours...involving Ciel and Sebastian,she goes to discuss the matter with her cousin.Stuff ensures.


5. Things Wrap Up

<Author Note:I'm really sorry but this chapter is kind of on crack because I wanted it to be funny.Sorry for possible OOC>


Ciel sighed and leaned back in his chair once the girl had left the room.

"Well,young master,while I am impressed with your lying skills,there is one more pressing matter."said Sebastian

"And what might that be?"asked Ciel, exasperated and 666% done.

"Well,I didn't even get to hear the details of the rumours-"

Ciel groaned "Sebastian no."

"I mean,adultery is such a broad term when used by the ignorant-"

Ciel looked annoyed.

"It could mean there were rumours of us kissing ,or rumours of us having sexual intercourse-"

Ciel pinched the bridge of his nose."Just go and find out...I don't care:Stop the rumours, add to them,do what you please.Just leave me alone for a bit."

"Yes,my lord,"said Sebastian,who was quickly gone in the flourish of a tail coat.


Elizabeth rode in her carriage,glad to have been put at ease.She hoped that Ciel wasn't under to much pressure<Author Note:Well he's under a lot of pressure when he's on the bottom with Sebas-chan ayyyyyyyy...I'm sorry.>,and felt happier when she came back next time.In the following weeks,she heard several more similar rumours around town,many of which involved stories of the supposed butler/lover going about and adding obviously false,ridiculous stories to the mix,upon his master's instruction.

'Ridiculous,'though Elizabeth upon hearing this the first time.'Ciel is not one for that,and neither is Sebastian!'

Oh,but if only the girl knew the sort of amusing and unbelievable things that went on between Ciel,Sebastian,and everything inbetween and surrounding.

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