The Butler x Master Scandal

When Elizabeth hears some...(clears throat uncomfortably)rumours...involving Ciel and Sebastian,she goes to discuss the matter with her cousin.Stuff ensures.


2. The Confrontation


The gossipers had not noticed the Earl's future bride standing right there,and soon walked off,leaving Elizabeth standing shocked.'Ciel?!Absolutely not!He loves me...right?'she thought weakly.She felt slightly annoyed.'They don't know Ciel!What nonsense they spout!I shall ask Ciel myself,to confirm the rumours farce!I shan't have his name soiled due to a false scandal!'.She marched to where her maid(who was scared and had thought she had lost her mistress yet again) was,demanded a trip to her cousin's mansion,and hopped in her carriage.When she arrived at the estate,she was guided to Ciel's office by Mey-Rin,where she saw Sebastian standing over Ciel,both talking in hushed voices,Ciel smirking and Sebastian smiling amiably.'They are so close together...Were those gossipers-No,definitely not!'she waved the thought away.They both looked up when she entered alone.

"Good day,Lady Elizabeth."said Sebastian with friendly smile and bow.

"Elizabeth?Why are you he-Did you sneak out

again?!"groaned Ciel.She shook her head at him.



"No,I came here in my free time...But not for a visit.I came to discus a serious matter."she said with a calm expression and a straight back.

Sebastian feigned concern,and Ciel looked at her quizzically.

"Alright...Sit there."he gestured to a pair of chairs positioned around a coffee table.She sat herself,and he sat across from her,a tea cup and saucer in his hands,comfortably positioned on his knee.


"Shall I leave,young master?"Sebastian asked Ciel,but before the earl could respond,Elizabeth piped,


"Ah,Sebastian!Please stay,this involves you too!"




The butler raised his eyebrows,but stood behind Ciel.Ciel's face grew even more sceptical.

Elizabeth cleared her throat uncomfortably,and proceeded.

"Well,okay,there is something I must discuss."

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