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Tanae POV

my budget alarm clock goes off, "budget, budget, budget!"

"Ugh," I groan. Why does my alarm clock have to say budget? My mum chose it for me, her favourite word is budget. Well basically everything in my life is budget. My mattress; that is very budget, the couch that my mattress is on, the pillows; oh god they're budget! My hair! I wash it with Walmart shampoo for gods sake!!! My clothes; most of them are second hand, the only new clothes I get are from Walmart. I guess you could say our family is budget, I mean we live in a caravan! It's basically not even a caravan! It has no wheels and the door doesn't even close properly, but no one ever tries to rob us because there's basically nothing to rob. The only thing that isn't budget is my school. My grandparents want me to go to a 'prestigious' school, even though I DONT fit in. I wear $1 pants! My shirt is like $1.50! And my shoes are some fake converses I found on the street. They're probably not even worth one cent. But the other people who go to my school, they wear designer everything!!!! One piece of clothing is probably more expensive than my house, maybe even my life. I am budget. Budget is me.

Here's my story of my very, very, very, very, very budget life.

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