The Secret Life of a Criminal Hacker

If your father was the head of an infamous hacking group in the past would you want to find out more? Follow Caitlyn as she learns that all secrets come with a price...


4. The Mayfair Building





The Mayfair OuDoiu building was situated on Mayfair and the building was covered in beautiful architecture. When Caitlyn arrived she was asked to show ID and her buisiness in the establishment. She did not tell them she was a freelance journalist as this would probably not allow her entry. The receptionist rang through to the Chairman, a few words were exchanged before replacing the phone and allowing Caitlyn through the bug detector. "Top floor is Mr Ghoole's. Feel free to use the lift". "Well I dont plan on walking!" mumbled Caitlyn sarcastically noticing the 853 steps sign stuck on the fire door. The lift seemed to take forever to travel up 14 floors and with her eyes closed, it seemed to take longer. She had a servere fear of heights and being in a glass lift was not helping. In her own flat the walls were panoramic glass but the floor was not glass and after a month the sickness in her stomach had worn off. Ding! The doors opened to reveal a waiting room furnished with antiques. A secretary was perched at the end. She asked for Caitlyn's name before saying "He's ready for you Miss Price". When she opened the door she suddenly felt underdressed, The carpet was scarlet red and the walls a crystal white. Luckily for her, there was only one window in front of Mr Ghoole's desk. Behind a glass wall about 20 men and women sat around computers typing away.

 "Dont you have enough floors for your workers?" asked Caitlyn.

"There are 12 floors of workers, 1 canteen and one reception and security floor. The ones you see working before you are those who cannot be trusted in an unsupervised environment. They're thieves you see"

"Why do you employ thieves?" She asked, "Surely they are untrustworthy"

"But they are good at what they do" Remarked Christopher, "Set a thief to catch a thief. Set a hacker to catch a hacker. Here have a seat"

Caitlyn sat down onto the chair she was ushered to sit in still comprehending the fact they hired criminals in such a successful business. But then, her Dad was the head of a prolific hacking gang... she sighed.

"What's wrong?" He asked

"Its just being here" she said solemnly, "But anyway, Mr Ghoole. I need your help. I need to ask you about an employee here eight years ago."

"Fire away" he smiled, "Chris please"

Christopher Ghoole was in his late thirties, slim and well-dressed in a black Armani suit. She wondered if he was part of the Smilers when he was younger. 

"I'm looking for information about Andrew Price although he could have used his alias, Peter Raydon"

"No. He was always Andrew to us. His nickname was 'Turing' because he had this great idea for an unhackable virus firewall. Fantastic designs and almost perfect. He had created the best design in Mayfair in his first year. The "Troji-Flux". Still used today and reguarded as the best in the world. Really put MayfairOuDoiu on the map. He was an ex-hacker and knew his way around a keyboard like anything. He cracked our "SafeWall50" in 4 seconds and he only pressed 2 keys. That had taken or best designers a whole decade to construct. We just knew we had to have him. I was only new here when he died. Such as unfortunate accident. Did they ever find who did it? Shame to lose a father so young"

"No. How did you know?"

"About the fact you were his daughter? Same jet black hair. Instant giveaway. Don't worry. Your secret's safe in this company. Criminals are good at keeping secrets. Most of our employees are ex-Smiler. Not many ever met your father when he was "Valour" when he came here to work half of them didn't know him from Jack"

"Thank you for your help. If I have anymore questions I'll ask. Oh, and here's my card"

She didn't quite feel finished with the Mayfair corporation, thinking on her feet for a reason to just glance at the unsupervised workers. She asked the floor fourteen receptionist where she could find the nearest toilet and to her relief she was told, "take the lift to floor 13 and its the third door on the left. Don't go sniffing mind, high security clearance needed to even touch the doorhandle". Once again covering her eyes as the glass lift decended she felt the lift jolt to a stop and jumped out into floor 13. Everything on this floor was blue: the blinds; the doors; the walls and the carpet. She walked to the third door on the left and crossed the hall. If anyone asks, I got confused. She opened the door and to her dismay found a store cupboard filled with bugs and cable. She quickly shut the door and darted down the corridor and into the lift.

As Caitlyn scurried along the bustling street she thought about all the bad things her father had done in his life such as selling state secrets to whichever bidder payed the highest, but he'd turned it round to make an unhackable system that was being used by the secret services to withold information. She wanted to go and tell her mother that her husband created the best firewall in the world, but that would involve telling her that he was the head of an infamous hacking network. She decided to continue investigating in secret. 


When she got back to the flat. Tim was sitting on her sofa drinking the wine out of the fridge. The pizza remains had been disposed of and the piles of dirty plates and cutlery shining like silver on the draining board. 

"How did you get in?!" She demanded,

"Key above the door, Price family trait. Sorry but I had to come and see you. When I got here it was raining cats and dogs so I let myself in and had a quick shower"

"And did the washing-up"

"And fed the cat" He said eagerly

"I don't have a cat" Caitlyn sighed. "Mrs Smith upstairs has a British Blue named Moggie, I know, I know Moggie is such a daft name for a British Blue but she's blind and nobody has the heart to tell her otherwise. Anyway, you were just leaving!"

"I wanted to apologise earlier. I got the call and all the juvenile memories came back. You've still got your Dad's birthday tatooed on your wrist! It really suits you now" he smiled lovingly,

"£10 for a blowjob or get out my brothel" she rasped remembering the vile comment like it was yesterday and she was 16 again. She was underage but she looked 18 and her mother gave her the silent treatment for a while before coming round and saying it was a sweet gesture. She snapped out of her flashback and just thought to herself: all those years without a phone call and he just swans into her apartment. Feeling the tension rising, Tim dropped a card on the table and darted hastily out the door. Now he was gone she could drink the rest of the wine. She picked up the card, 'Call me babes. We need to talk'. She took out a cigarette lighter from the kitchen and burned the card before watching Eastenders with a microwave meal and sloping off to bed.

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