The Secret Life of a Criminal Hacker

If your father was the head of an infamous hacking group in the past would you want to find out more? Follow Caitlyn as she learns that all secrets come with a price...


6. Jerk in a Merc.

The next morning was shopping day. She dropped Henry back home and drove to the Sainsbury's in Crayford. She was going to go to somewhere closer but she could sense she was being followed. Behind, a black Mercedes with tinted windows cruised along. She got out the car as the Mercedes turned into the car park. She got the bags out the boot and turned round. The car was coming right for her. It slammed into her Fiat, knocking her unconscious. It was eight o'clock in the morning and the car park was empty; by the time anyone had got to her, the driver had vanished.

  Caitlyn woke up in a hospital bed: she could here to satisfying bleep from the heart monitor; her head ached like hell and she was surrounded by her Mother and best friends: Julia and Sam. Wow, she thought, I must have really been in a state to allow them in here! Julie and Sam were lesbians and her mother had never agreed with it. When they were younger they were allowed in the house because Emily had thought it was a phase.

In 2013, when same sex marriage became legal, Sam and Julie had tied the knot (to the disgust of Samantha's conservative parents). 

"When can I go home?" Caitlyn asked.

"You have concussion!" Emily replied.

Her daughter had always been like this, she thought. Always deseperate to get back to normal as soon as something happens.

"Earth to Caitlyn!" Said Julie, "You were hit by a car in a car park"

"Did they catch who did it?" 

"No" Sam said, "I'm scowering all news reports but I've got nothing. Even my friends haven't found out anything yet". 

Caitlyn was often jealous of Sam, she was Sub-Editor at The Daily Mail and she offered to help whenever Caitlyn needed information for her own stories. Sam, dressed in a blue skinny jeans and a V-Line shirt, knew Caitlyn would pay anything to get up and walk out. She had found the doctor earlier and asked when she could be discharged,

"Once she is awake and able to talk I will be happy to discharge Miss Price"  

Caitlyn was escorted home in Sam's company Range-Rover. When she reached the apartment Julie insisted they were going to come in a look after her, but Caitlyn refused. She needed to find out who had been following her. In the movies, she thought, it's because the detective was getting close: I'm getting nowhere! She watched the Range Rover drive down the road in the calamity that was London's traffic system and got into the lift.

When she reached the door of the apartment, she was too lazy to find her key, she ran her hands along the top of the door frame but the key had vanished. She tried the door. It swung open and she found Tim asleep on the sofa.

"Wake up!" She screamed. Tim jolted awake,

"I was on the nine till nine shift. I heard about the accident. I did some digging for you"

"What did you find?" She said, switching on the kettle and pulled a mug out.

Tim coughed and she pulled out one for him too.

"The car driver ran away before anyone saw him. There were no witnesses. The usual really. All I could gather was that it was a targeted attack. Someone doesn't like your articles?" He laughed.

Caitlyn gave him the stare of death, she didn't intend to but her head felt like it had been hit with an axe. Tim stopped laughing. She dumped a mug of tea in front of him and asked,

"What of the car?"

"'65 plate Black top-of-the-range Merc. Tinted Windows. False plates"

"Shit!" She snapped, "what of my car?"

"It hit the car in the back corner but it crumbled the door. Your car is written off... but without it... YOU would have been"

She hadn't let that sink in yet but hearing it from Tim, a police officer, it jolted her. 

"Never liked that car anyway" she lied. She had always wanted to get rid of it but whenever money came in, she could never bare to part with it.   

Tim had brought Chinese and they sat on the sofa devouring the meal. He hadn't ordered anything she didn't like, she noted. He asked her if she wanted company tonight. She shook her head. She didn't want to be alone but she couldn't investigate if Tim was here. He left and she reinstated the flipchart paper with a new purple bubble: car accident.

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