The Secret Life of a Criminal Hacker

If your father was the head of an infamous hacking group in the past would you want to find out more? Follow Caitlyn as she learns that all secrets come with a price...


10. Farewell

A few week passed and Tim's funeral loomed over Caitlyn. Her restless conscience had kept her up the night before and after the funeral she vowed that Phantom would pay. At half one the black limousine pulled up and she sat down inside joining Tim's family. She was wearing a black strapless number with suade wedges and she suddenly felt underdressed.

 The people in the car were modelling thick fur coats and hats that covered their faces. Mrs McCoy was crying into a hankerchief provided by her husband who was hugging and comforting her. Caitlyn looked away overwhelmed by guilt. God I hate funerals, she thought. A few more people clambered into the limo, all equally dressed. The sombre mood magnified when the hearse and limo arrived at the crematorium. 

Haresh, Mr McCoy, Detective Sergeant Saunders and a man showered in medals who she didn't recognise carried the coffin out of the hearse and down the aisle followed the guests. Mrs McCoy layed a wreath above the coffin and placed a photo of Tim graduating his police course.

A number of the congregation sniffed and let out shallow cries but Caitlyn remained solemn-faced. 

The service began with a hymn, "the Lord is our Shepard".

The McCoys were a devout Christian family and the service was filled with readings from the Bible about God's will in Heaven and how Timothy has found peace with God. 


"Amen" replied the congregation. 

Mrs McCoy, gripping a hankerchief insisted she would read her speech if it was the last thing she did. She put the paper on the podium, sniffed and began:

"Timothy was a good man, a good son and an even better policeman. He had a strong morality and would often be found breaking up fights on the council estate even from a young age..."

Caitlyn was struggling but refused to be the first to cry. The speech continued:

"When he graduated school and joined the police force we were so proud. He had achieved his goals in life despite his Dyslexia. He graduated top of his course and that's why I've chosen this photo to stand by the memorial plaque that will erected in his honour in the peace garden at his station..."

The audience cheered, clapped and erupted in merriment. 

"And when they find out who did this to my darling boy" she cried, "I will be the first to see justice"

The old woman burst into tears and escorted to her pew by her husband. Audience members followed until the chapel was filled with wailing women. Caitlyn forced back the tears as they listened to "Welcome To The Black Parade" by Green Day and the curtains drew around the coffin.

Later at the wake. Caitlyn watched as people chatted and laughed together with the family they hadn't seen in years. She knew nobody. She sat on the sofa with a bottle of wine. Somebody handed her a plate. She looked up to see Haresh.

"Can I sit with you? I'm afraid I don't know anyone else" he lied.

She shuffled up and they began chatting. Haresh had watched DS Saunders lie to family about a possible lead when truthfully Tim's murder case had gone cold. Perhaps, she thought, I could finally begin an investigation of her own. She knew who was responsible (Phantom), unlike the police, but she didn't know who was responsible (Phantom's true identity). She had been on an investigative course when training as a journalist and she was competent at asking questions and getting results. 

As the wake continued she and Haresh remained deep in conversation. She learned that his name was Vishnu and he had moved to London from India when he was three. She enjoyed his company and the wine provided.  When it was time for her to leave and walk the four streets back home she could barely stand.

Vishnu decided to walk her home and as they walked towords her apartment door, she thanked him. He, also drunk, had the dutch courage to kiss her.  He leant forward and as his lips touched hers he pushed her backwards against the door.

Caitlyn was shocked but somehow pleased at Vishnu's actions as she found herself caressing his hair with her nails. When she broke away to open the door he wrapped his arms around her waist and they fell into her flat, and Vishnu kicked the door closed with his feet.

They moved as one from the floor to the sofa. Moggie who had been waiting patiently for Caitlyn's return watched them with confusion. Caitlyn giggled and pulled Vishnu by the hand into the bedroom. Moggie tried to follow but the door was slammed in her face. Feeling unwanted, she slipped out of the catflap.

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