I was once told that each person in the world has someone they're meant to spend forever with. But I don't believe in forever...until I actually met mine. I used to think forever was over rated. That it was dumb. That it didn't exist. He changed my mind. I thought that no one would love me.


9. chapter 9

I woke up early and got ready for school. I went through my closet and put on a red romper. Got my slippers and my bag and applied a light layer of makeup and left me room.

Dropped my bag to the bottom floor and went into my sisters room. She was already up and changing.

"Why hello there, you're up early."

She smiled and said "I wanted to surprise you today Meg."

I patted her head and sighed. "Let's go eat breakfast?"

"I made you breakfast already." She jumped and grabbed my hand, pulling me down the stairs.

The kitchen was a little messy with some jam on the counter but on a plate was a piece of toast with jam on it.

She looked at me, anticipating what I was gonna do.

I laughed and hugged her, and twirled her around.

"Do you like it?" I nodded and ate the toast.

After getting all our stuff, I walked outside with tori in hand.

There was a car on our lawn and Kyle getting out of it.

He called us over and I said "What're you doing here so early in the morning?"

"I thought I would drop you guys off this morning."

Tori let go of my hand and hugged Kyle.

"Hey kiddo. Ready for school?"

"Yeah, let's go."

She jumped into the car happily and I smiled. Kyle came over to my side and held the door open.

"What're you doing?"

"Growing up, my mom always said to hold the door open for pretty ladies. So that's exactly what I'm doing."

I got in and looked up at him "So what if I was I ugly?"

"Id still think you were the most beautiful person in the world." He shut the door and I smiled to myself. He dropped off tori and when we got to school everyone was looking at us when we got out.

Kyle opened the door for me again. We saw lily and she glared at me then she bursted into tears. I could tell they were fake but she made it so loud that everyone took their eyes off of me and Kyle and looked at her.

"There she is! The girl who's taking my boyfriend from me!" And then she pointed at me and everyone looked at me again.

I wanted to crumble under their stares but i felt Kyle standing tall next to me, so I did the same.

She walked up to me with her two friends following behind her. She stopped in front of me and Kyle and said "Why're you doing this to me Megan?! What did I do to you? Why're you stealing my Kyle from me?"

"I'm not? We're just friends. What're you blabbering about now lily? You still have your precious little boyfriend."

One of her friends said "Ohh really? Then what's this?" She shoved a piece of paper in my face and I grabbed it.

I looked at it and saw that it was the day me and Kyle were at the arcade with tori.

It was when I was in kyles arms when by the carousel.

"You were hanging out with him and you were in his arms! You're a whore!"

The school started whispering and I looked around. When I stood up to people, there wasn't this much of people.

Kyle said "Lily stop this right now. You're just misunderstanding, I was just hanging out with her because as she said, were friends. Calm down now."

Lily looked up at him with puppy eyes and threw herself at Kyle. She pushed me out of the way and said "Okay I believe you baby. Let's go now."

She started pulling him away but he brushed her off and said "I'm sorry lily. I can not believe that you were accusing me of cheating on you and you did it publicly too. I'm breaking up with you lily. Good bye." He grabbed my hand and said "Let's go."

He pulled us through the crowd and everyone parted for him and they just stared. I looked back at lily and saw that she stomped her foot and gave a little "Hmpf."

She pushed through the crowd, yelling at everyone that got in her way.

When we were in the school the halls were empty and Kyle took us to the library. He leaned against a wall and covered his face.

"Are you okay?"

He stayed quiet for a bit and then looked at me with a smile. "I'm so happy. I'm perfectly fine."

He hugged me tight and twirled me around.

"Woah what? Why? You just had a breakup and you seem to be doing fine."

"I hated lily! I wanted to break up with her for awhile. We only dated each other because we were the most popular kids in the school and that it was expected from us."

I nodded and said "Well congrats." He nodded and looked me in the eyes.

I looked down but he held my chin up to look at him.

He leaned in and...

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